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This is a new documentary on the life of David Prowse the man that played Darth Vader. They go into detail on his Hammer Horror days and how he got the job as Darth Vader. They talk about how George Lucas forbid Prowse from ever going to an official Star Wars convention because he thinks Prowse gave away the ending to Return of the Jedi. Lucas also never told Prowse that he wouldn't be part of the unmasking of Darth Vader so the documentary director recreates the unmasking with Prowse playing Vader.  Thankfully Lucas is out of the picture so maybe we can meet him at a future Star Wars Celebration.

I had no idea that he had been banned from the official convention circuit.  But then appearing in "The people vs George Lucas" was a bit of a case of biting the hand that feeds you.

I recently heard that due to some health issues that Dave Prowse won't be making any convention appearances outside of the UK.  It's unfortunate to hear that.  I've met him on at least a few occasions and he was a very nice guy.


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