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LFL/Disney Announce New Star Wars Trilogy helmed by Rian Johnson

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It sounds like they've been reading my posts here!

In all seriousness, I think this is great news!  They are going to tell stories of the larger Star Wars Universe!

Also, they must really love what he's done with The Last Jedi!

I Am Sith:
Really a ton of potential here and happy they are finally going beyond just the Skywalker saga.  They could go KOTOR or Mandolorians and completely stay away from the Sage era movies, or they could do things like explore Ashoka, Kenobi, Rogue Squadron, Thrawn or a myriad of other characters that haven't had their due in the Saga era.

I just hope that if they stay in the current Saga era, they don't do too many cameos or try to tie in too many things just so the average viewer knows the movies take place in the same universe.

On a personal note, I would love for them to do a Republic Commandos trilogy that feels like a true war saga.  Would really like a 'Black Hawk Down' type film set during the Clone Wars.  However, I know that's just a pipe dream.

So many things they could do.

A lot of folks are mentioning Kenobi - I still hope we see that. I would love that. I'm also ready for something completely new. I'm ok with new, with different, with unique. I'd love to see the aesthetic and the universe broaden.

Jesse James:
I've been feeling pretty bad lately but this news really perked me up today!  It's kind of mind-boggling how far this could go, and how Star Wars could basically be unending.  I mean, I have to say, I'm kinda bummed I may never see all of it because it may simply go on beyond my life with more and more stories, and at one point that was never a thought I'd ever considered.

I am very excited though.  I love going to see the new movies with friends and family...  I can't say everything about them is great to me, but they've been pretty damn good to me, and Rogue One was just fantastic.  I feel like I will like The Last Jedi a lot, but I've really come to like the characters and I'm just excited to see where their stories go.

But a whole NEW trilogy?  New areas?  Possibly new eras?  New characters?  I don't even know what to think because the possibilities are endless.  I could see them doing a longer term galactic civil war focused movie series, or pre-Clone Wars era.  Just so much to think about that they can do. 

I can only imagine the complaining already from some circles, but I just like going to the theater to watch some good old fashioned Star Wars on the big screen.  I envy you guys with younger kids, for being able to share this.  :)

I'm guessing these won't be numbered X-XII since it's not about the Skywalkers. I'm interested to see where this goes, but this could go off in a direction I don't care for. I guess it's kind of the way I felt about Guardians of the Galaxy, and I ended up loving those movies, so.

I don't know in what time period this takes place, but a series of movies about the founding of the Jedi Order and the Old Republic would get lots of my money.


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