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The Mandalorian (SPOILERS possible)

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Disney is planning a live-action “Star Wars” TV series to air on its entertainment streaming service that is expected to launch by the end of 2019.

Not much detail here either and probably not much of a surprise to use the strong brands (Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars) to suck you into another streaming service...

I'm stoked about this!  Except for the proprietary streaming service.  The industry has got to figure out all these streaming options.  There is no way this is going to be sustainable long term.

Unfortunately the streaming hub(s) are the future. Eventually, in the next ten years, one of these Marvel/SW films will debut on this channel and movie theaters will be largely ornamental.

But about the show - curious. Less excited for this than the films. I have doubts about the proposition of SW in a TV format, for a lot of reasons. The animated shows clearly do very well, but they are not limited as such by a budget. Does SW lose what makes it SW if you take the budget all the way down? Is my idea of a budget different now? ST:DIscovery spends something like 7/8 million an episode and functionally is a movie every week. So maybe this is all moot.

Jesse James:
Shockingly this news seems to be sorta flying under the radar some, but for me this is as interesting (if not more) than the announcement of a new Trilogy, and I was flipping my wig over a new series of films! 

I've not watched Gotham religiously, and I'm not a Super Hero fanatic, but the shows and things for Marvel and stuff seem really nicely done, and I'm anxious to see what can be done with Star Wars.  I'm really hoping it's the rumored underworld focus.  This is an interesting thing to watch and see how it plays out.  Disney has boundaries they don't appear to like to cross much at all, but I'm anxious to see if they'll take Star Wars outside itself with something grittier and edgier.

This sounds promising for sure, but fraught with potential missteps. Production quality will have to remain high no matter what. That doesn't necessarily mean epic space battles every episode though. They could go a long way on the BSG model, with a lot of dark interior sets that don't cost much to maintain. The Coruscant underworld is pretty ripe for mining good stories.

I guess I would prefer something more akin to GoT (in terms of quality writing, actors, etc) moreso than the something that looks more like a WB show where every actor is beautiful and under 25. I could not watch that.

And please no cute animal sidekicks!


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