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Fake News in the time of the PT

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As we're on the verge of the theatrical release of THE LAST JEDI, Thrillist has published a look back at one of the more notorious prequel spoiler sites:  Supershadow.  It's interesting to look back at JUST HOW WRONG Supershadow was at the time, to the point of that site being the work of a pathological liar or fantasist.  They were fake news before we REALLY knew what fake news was!

I am still waiting for clone Luke and clone Vader to show in the sequel trilogy like he promised.  He IS a close personal friend of George Lucas.

Supershadow was only wrong from a certain point of view.

I somehow never heard of this guy, though I was somewhat active during the PT as far as rumors. TheForce.Net and etc.

That is some crazy stuff in that article. Hopefully the guy got some help.

Oh man, I remember this site! It's long gone IIRC but there was stuff even back then that you could tell was made up.


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