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Jesse James:
Not trying to be an ******* here but a wise man once told me “Disney didn't spend $4 BILLION on Star Wars to just put it on a shelf and stand back and look at it and enjoy the stuff that already exists”

I mean hey we are getting stuff like Rebels with all the OT fan wanking in it, we got FoD which had stories from all 3 core eras in pretty even quantities, we got an OT set movie in Rogue One and a may as well be OT set movie with Solo I think...  I’m kinda ok they’re making a show about the Resistance fighting the FO and whatever else they do before TFA.

I like Poe as a character, I liked the bombers and the new AWings...  I’m curious to see what the Resistance is all about.  I didn’t care for Rebels a lot but it had elements I liked and I figure this will at least have that too and may be really cool overall.  Like anything I’m going in with an open mind and a hope it’s cool.🤷‍♂️

I’m hoping there is some OT based stuff someday, and something more adult focused too.  That said, this is kinda sounding like hallway playsets to me right now haha. 


--- Quote from: Jesse James on April 26, 2018, 09:03 PM ---Not trying to be an ******* here but a wise man once told me “Disney didn't spend $4 BILLION on Star Wars to just put it on a shelf and stand back and look at it and enjoy the stuff that already exists

--- End quote ---

I agree with this. I read a comment elsewhere that this seems like a way just for Disney to push their era of stuff. Well no 💩 Sherlock

I dunno.  ??? I loved the Anime-style "TIE Fighter" short that got produced a few years back. I'm not adverse to the concept, but two sentences into the blurb and I was tired of this show already.

It's as easy as this to me: you could have a "Kazuda Xiono" show, or you could spend the same money and have a "Luke Skywalker" show. Which one is gonna have a better return on your investment? Do you think the "Ezra & Zeb" show was more successful than a "Han & Chewie" show would have been?

I don't buy for a second that Disney is trying to "not dilute the brand" by not focusing on legacy characters. There is more crappy merchandise than ever, and for Star Wars that is really saying something. I'm talking Spaceballs proportions.

Nor do I think they are overly concerned with preserving the narrative. I'd point to the conflict between the storylines of TFA and TLJ but that horse is far beyond dead.

I get why Jon Favreau's live-action series would have a focus away from the OT stuff. I understand why 30 years later the Sequel Trilogy takes place 30 years after ROTJ. I can appreciate why George Lucas put "Ewoks" on Saturday Morning TV in 1984. But today, here and now,why can't the most recognizable segment of the brand be put to work on a weekly basis in animated form?

My 8-year old son was scanning through the "Forces of Destiny" shorts and was mesmerized by the Luke/Yoda story and the Maz/Leia/Bouush story. It doesn't have to be adult-aimed stuff, in fact I'd argue it shouldn't be. Why can't they just do more of that?

Have I really become an old angry grump?

Just for the record I wasn't calling you an old angry grump if that's what you're asking. You, as well as I, would be fine with a show with OT characters. But I think there are a lot of people that would not be. And I think a lot of those people's reasonings are irrational. Go read the discussion on Yakface's comment section about this.

I also get Disney is killing off the OT characters and I don't think it's just because the actors are getting old or sadly actually becoming one with the Force. Disney wants "their" characters out there.

Anyway I'm up for more Star Wars as long as it's not too much in the realm of one of Disney's 1.5 sequel money grabs

Once the ST is finished I think we'll see a deeper dive into the post ROTJ lives of the OT heroes. They want to preserve some mystery for the films I'm sure, but sadly no one is getting younger. You have Mark Hamill - one of the best voice actors alive in any case - use him. Nothing about this premise for Resistance excites me. I don't mind it, and the animated shows always deliver something special. I'm sure Resistance will be the forum where we get a lot of the things we wanted in the ST - who is Snoke? Phasma=BAD ASS and etc. - that we didn't get in the films.


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