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Star Wars Celebration 2019 - Chicago

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SW Show confirms the place and dates today... April 11-15, 2019 - Chicago, IL.

Tickets go on sale June 5th.  Start your planning now! ;)


I may be up for that one...  :D

I was totally not expecting to hear about this in the leadup to the release of SOLO.  But this is pretty cool news!

Woo hoo!

Took them 10 long years to make this finally happen. McCormick Place isn't ideal, but I get why they would want to be near downtown Chicago. Gonna be a blast no matter what..

Jesse James:
I think Chicago is a great location in general.  Easy for a lot of NA to make it there one way or another. 

Unfortunately it's not looking good for me going after a reality check from the gf last night that we'll still be in recoup mode from her son's wedding this Fall, so yeah, probably a no-go for me.  Which utterly sucks.


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