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Do you consider Kenner Star Wars an "80s toy line"?

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I know the majority of the line's run was in the 80s, but a number of documentaries, YouTube videos, etc. I have watched talk about the "Big 3" of the 1980s and point to G.I. Joe, He-Man, and Transformers, relegating a Star Wars more to the 70s, and things like TMNT in the 90s.

Though Star Wars started in the 70s, I have always considered it an 80s line. But I can also see it where it would not be considered an 80s line when compared to those other 3. TMNT is also definitely an 80s line.

Its an 80's toy line.  They didn't get figures out until later in '78 and the bulk of the line (Empire, Jedi, POTF) were all delivered in the 80's.  Its maybe not mentioned in certain material because it died out quickly after the movies ('85ish?) whereas the other properties were heating up through the mid-to-end of the 80's.  If you haven't already, check out "The Toys That Made Us." episodes that cover all these lines, along with Barbie, Lego, etc.  Great docu-series on all the behind the scenes happenings that led to some of the greatest toy lines in history.

Count me in the camp that considers Star Wars an 80's line. I would even go so far as to say the structure of the Star Wars line was a huge influence on all 3 of "the big 3" as far as how their lines were developed.

(I would have to disagree with the comment that TMNT was an 80's line, though. I think the first wave of Playmates toys hit in summer of '88, and kicked off the trend of big comic book toy lines that dominated the early 90's, a harbinger for lines like X-Men and Spawn.)

Although I didn't mention it in my initial post, I have always considered Star Wars an '80s line as well. There was just so much toy goodness in those years. Things are generally more detailed now, but as far as fun "toys", it is tough to beat the '80s.


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