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I have seen a few posts recently for books about vintage Star Wars figures with various content and photos.  Does anyone know if these prints require permission or licensing from Hasbro and/or Disney?  If I made a book or a poster or whatever with photos from my own collection, is that subject to any kind of ownership beyond my own?  I'm guessing that use of the Star Wars logo would be copyright infringement, though I see it sometimes on custom figure/packaging designs.  Just wonder what is or is not fair game, especially if you were going to print and sell something.

I always wonder about this question in general.  There are so many unlicensed products on sites like etsy.  You see a lot of custom figures on cards with Star Wars and Kenner logos.  With the way Disney is, I would assume they crack down on all of this if they actually wanted to spend the time to do so.  There are many books out there showing toys and logos that aren't officially published through whomever has the license to do so.  I would think you can get away with it as long as it flies under the radar.


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