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Jazwares launches new "Micro Galaxy Squadron" Vehicle Line

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These look a LOT like the old Action Fleet stuff.  Really wondering how this fits in with Hasbro's license right now - did Hasbro give this up or did LFL just give Jazwares the OK to compete in this mini-figure/vehicle space?

It sounds like they are going to try to "true scale" the line to the mini-figures and each other.  From tiny speederbike sets for $6 each up to the $45 Milleninnum Falcon set (pre-order now at

Series 1:
$6 - Scout Mystery Packs - biker scout, etc
$13 - Light Armor Class - TIE Fighter, AT-ST, Asaj Ventress ship
$17 - Starfighter Class - X-Wing, Vader's TIE, Obi-Wan's AotC Delta-7
$23 - Transport Class - ITT
$30 - Starship Class - Razor Crest #1, Razor Crest #2 (Arvala-7), Slave I
$45 - Assault Class - ANH Millennium Falcon

Saw this picture on Twitter as well... I guess it's a JediNews UK pic, but I have no idea where it is from (old Toy Fair? Celebration Sneak Peek? ???)

Cool.  I always liked the Action Fleet stuff, mostly because they did some really unique things.

I'm not interested in chasing another scale so I'll pass, but I'm glad someone got the license to do these if Hasbro isn't interested.  Maybe they'll tempt me and do some cool unique things again like The Ghost, The Twilight, etc. 

Jedi Idej:
Those look nice. I only want the figures but some of those vehicles will probably be the only rendition we get of the ship.

I was (well, still am) a fan of the old Action Fleet line and itís neat hear this new Micro Galaxy line announced. Overall, the designs look accurate and seem to scale quite well, which is great. i like how the first wave features a lot of classics, but then some new and interesting ships as well. Obviously a lot of potential for growth/development of the line too. Iím down for it   8)

Oh good - the line is hours old and already diving into the chase repaint nonsense - Chase Ship details from


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