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2022 Droid Factory Halloween Droid 4-Pack

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Other upcoming Disney Droids revealed at Celebration:

Halloween Droid Box Set - similar to last year's Christmas droid set, it's a box full of past Halloween droids with a new accessory (bat hat). Coming this Fall to Disney Parks.

Pic from JediNewsUK

Jedi Idej:
Yes! I missed out on R3-B0017. Hesitated to hit eBay but was close to shelling out when the Christmas bundle gave me hope the same would happen with the Halloween droids.

The draw here for me is R3-B0017 since it's so expensive on the secondary market.  I feel like the whole Night Sisters tie-in for that droid was enough of a draw to make me want to get that R3 unit even though it's never shown on screen.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

They need to do this with last years Pride droid too.

According to Yakface Twitter, this droid 4-pack is now hitting the Florida Disney parks/shops.


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