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2022 TVC Wave 6 (New TVC Wave 27)

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Pics are circulating on social media of a TVC cardback that shows these guys as the next wave...

TM Luke Skywalker (Imperial Light Cruiser) [previous pipeline reveal]
TM Artillery Stormtrooper [previous pipeline reveal]
JFO Cal Kestis (finally!) [previously teased but not confirmed until now]
SWA Cassian Andor
"?" Vel Sartha (?)

I can honestly say I don't know who "Vel Sartha" is - can't tell if they are a comic character or a new character from Andor or maybe from Jedi Survivor video game? 

I’d guess Andor.  There’s nothing on Google for that name.

Andor would be my guess as well. I am very excited for the show based on the trailers. I'd assume it has to be someone we have seen in the trailer?  Maybe a bad guy of some kind? It looked like one of those local police or ISB guards might be a featured character, he shows up a few times in different costumes:

Scratch that, I saw the cardback. It appears to be her:

Rogue One was easily my favorite Disney SW film and I am excited to be getting more figures in that era and aesthetic. Rogue One figures are pretty much at the top of my personal VTC wishlist right now. While it of course makes sense with the new show launching, I do however wish we'd get at least one version of the rest of the main Rogue One cast before getting another Andor figure... (Baze Malbus, Bodhi Rook, Saw Gerrera, Galen Erso, Krennic, & a Tarkin photo-real repaint or resculpt)

The rest of the wave sounds good. I can't wait for the Cal Kestis (finally!). I'd love to see him get some of the other Inquistors to battle eventually.

Vel Sartha definitely appears to be a character from ANDOR. I'm pretty sure that character is being played by Adria Arjona - she's in the cast, but her character name hasn't been revealed.

EDIT - I think the actor playing Vel Sartha is actually Denise Gough.  She appears in at least a couple of shots in the trailer.  One is like the way the figure appears, and another shot has her dressed like an ISB officer.

I saw another cardback image surface from SDCC that shows the Klatooinian Raider.  I'm not sure if it's going to be released with these figures, but I imagine that we'll learn more after tomorrow's panel.



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