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Unfortunatly I have most of my stuff boxed up for lack of space. If I could stop buying more stuff every day I might be able to afford a bigger house  ;D

The entire collection can be found here: , this is about 1/4 of what i actually have, but it is enough to dust for now.

Cool stuff Koda!  Do you actually get anything done on the computer when you're sitting at either of those desks?  Or do you just wind up re-enacting various battle scenes with your figures?!  :D

I know what it's like to have the vast majority of your collection stashed away in boxes.  It really sucks.  I just took another 10 or so boxes up to my very large storage unit earlier today.  But we're house hunting right now, so hopefully I'll soon have a Star Wars display room to unload all of my stuff into.  Actually, I'll probably need several rooms, which may pose a slight problem...  :P

Nice collection Koda.  :)  Yes a bigger house to display collections would be great.

BTW, that's a great Product Placement on the right hand computer.  ;D  ;)

Very nice collection you have there!  I see you like loose items more than the boxed up or carded items, huh?  Great collection!


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