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Removing Bubbles from the Cardbacks?


I collect the majority of my figures loose, but I usually use a knife to cut off the bubble, and then keep the cardbacks.  I recently purged quite a few of those, but plan to keep the OTC and VOTC cardbacks for good.  I was wondering if there was a better way to remove the bubble, without damaging the card, but still being able to get all of the plastic off.  I usually carefully cut them off, which just leaves the little plastic "ring" around the figure, but with these OTC cards, it would be nice to have them removed cleanly.  Can it be done?

This might be of some help, there is a post in the vinty section by Brent asking sort of the same thing & Dave came up with some ideas.

The question is this: does anyone know if you can remove the bubble completely with goo gone or something of the like?

Thanks Dale, I appreciate it!  I guess I should have looked around a little more too :P

No problem.  :) I do remember reading a post or 2 awhile back on RS about this. There search engine is not the greatest now but I did find something.

Taking a bubble off...

"Freezing" a bubble off.....

Hopefully some else has some input on how this can be done.


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