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Has anybody had any experience with these?



I'm sick of keeping all my Star Wars figures in ziplock bags in a 65 gallon storage tote. I was originally going to get shelving units and a bunch of action figure stands to display my figures, but I think this approach would be easier.

I'm just wondering if anyone has ever used these. Will these cases fit figures such as Ephant Mon or even deluxe figures?

If anyone could tell me anymore information on these, I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

Honestly, I've never used them, but they just don't look big enough to fit figures like Ephant Mon. They may fit some of the other "large" figures - Boss Nass, Chewbacca, etc. but Ephant will most likely not fit in that case.

Yeah, after looking at them again, you are probably right about Ephant Mon not fitting in there. But, I figure I could just use a regular Star Case for him.

I think I am going to go ahead an purchase them. They look like they could fit 90% of my figures. I'll just use Star Cases for larger figures (aka Ephant Mon and deluxe figures).

That's a great price!

The best I get them for is about .89/ea. + S&H for a protectopack. (Case of 90)

Adkins Collectibles:

There's pics of some of my figs in them in the Starcase thread.  They also hold the CW animated, and the bigger bubbles like the EP I destroyer droid, but not E Mon.  They are extremely thick-closer to and better than the Starcase, but nothing like the more expensive acrylic cases.


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