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Displaying Film Cels?


Angry Ewok:
I've got one or maybe even two Star Wars film cels headed my way real soon, so I was wondering how any of you have your cels on display? I dunno if I could rig up a little light or something, or even if I should, I'm sorta afraid if I rig a light behind them that the cels will fade.  :-\

Boba Binks:
I have a couple of those officiall released film cells from a few years back. I have just left them in their little plastic case. I have three different sets from the E1 VHS release. I just keep those in the box that they came in with the video.

As for film cells to display do you know about the Litho's that have a film cell with them? I have a few of these packed away. Anyways they have the film cell in the frame and there is a little button you can push to light up the cell. When you let go of the button the light goes out. You could rig up a frame with a button so you can light it up when you want to look at the cells.

That is what  I would do. I am sure that there are more ways to display them but none of those ideas have come to mind.
Well, I hope that helps.

Hung Solow:
I'm curious.  Well, that's obvious, but which cells did y'all get with your EP1 VHS?  I got a shot of the crowd at the podraces.  My buddy got a crappy shot of the Infiltrator landing (I think???).


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