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What the hell is goiong on here?!?!?!  Is this a joke?

since my dio refect both outside and inside what do you think about my simulated windows idea?

I need to accept what Matt says about " In the end, the only person who needs to be happy with it is you....and maybe Jesse! "


and most important

Something tells me that what we see in the cubicles are fake that have "simulated" light To prefent the extreame heat from coming inside. I think that is what i am going to go with.

Pleasend links or pics to help me decide where I go

There is canon but the outside shots dont match the blue brints.

Please these are inteligent replies give me your inbut because I want detail!!!

I am redoing my Cantina Dio and correcting my initial errors. I am melding the latest cross section book  image VS movie pics and initial bluprints. There is no canonic version of the cantina because it was created in three diferent countries....I'm on a ran't. I'm trying to come to a consensus on if there are windows in the cubicles.  From the outside? No. From the inside..maybe.  I've heard of it being fake solar light panels simulating windows. Then there is this new 1:6 scale model of a cubicle with a window that shows a speeder outside? If I get a vote and there is interrest in this I will post pics.

Was there a quick way to do the pattern on the door frame?

Having seen it at CV I can speak for Sillof that this is an awsome piece and i hope to save up for it.

Just saw the second vid. This stuff should be showcased at CV!!!!!  Come on people !! This post has been up for some time!!! Put your hands together for this!!!

Good job! I have lots of questions for when I see you at CV. Good news you won't have to deal with my snoring this time around LOL

I need help for a workshop (not to much of a commitment) but I could use somebody to split hotel cost

This is the workshop I'm running

my email

Customs Community and Group Projects / CV workshop
« on: May 31, 2010, 02:47 PM »
Something is obviously brewing in the Niubniub department for CV. I hope to be lurking in the shadows with my workshop. It's official...please see my site for details.

also I got 5 clear LEDs from a 1$flash light from the dollar store. Radio shack was too expensive.

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