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Patreek is stunned speechless!

It is our destiny!

Thanks for the feedback every body!

As for the canyon, I got a sweet yet simple surprise coming this week end.

I believe it's on a base already That first layer of blue styrofoam is two inches. does that qualify?

still confused

just tell me where to go from here

Ya no prob but I wanted to get a canyion/plateau look. like i said i did not follow the rules but just wanted to see what others would think. this portion was done in 1 hour.

Any comments about my submission?

I have some leeching hoanging plants that will hang from the cravaces and what not . Next i'm going for a crackled dried up riverbed in the canyon part. a heat gun will provide more relief

Here is what I got so far. It's simple to make and remind me of a combination of th pod race sceene and utapau
I'm thinkind dark soil raging from black, brown to rust. vegetation will be a drabby kaki. I think I might of bent the rules in terms of negative and positive terrain but I think it would be compatible. Please note, I posted the pics in reverse order by accident. so start from the bottom.

I meant MY image (joke) would not impress sponsors. Nuff said let's go with Roron's

I realise now that it might not impress potential sponcors.

I have removed the image of the peculiar mushrooms. Sorry once again. I did'nt think it would raise a ruccus.

i.m sorry I won't do anything like that again. I would have never noticed the unique feature.  I Think Roron's plant was awesome an nothing should be changed. I was just goin for a cheap laugh.

What is the main industry of our planet. Unless this has not been established I'm thinking refinery/garbarge/recycling.

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: Raising funds idea?
« on: September 11, 2006, 11:18 PM »
Any thoughts on my idea?

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