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MOAWP s1/e4: Prize Captive of Operation Knightfall
« on: November 17, 2009, 02:57 PM »

The Works-Coruscant-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont: (narration) Six cycles in a jedi cling ain't no deal i ever member signin on for..kriffing augie'd better have a whole warehouse of strums on some backwater planet lined up fur me afta this.

Master Brand scours over the remains of the crashed tibanna gas platform in-search of anything that might spell certain conviction and exposure of the lekku loper. He is joined by Ylenic It'kla and Ranik Solusar.

Ranik Solusar: i'm telling you brand, whatever wasn't destroyed in the initial blast surely couldn't have survived the separatist invasion.

Ylenic It'kla: has the public dismissal of jedi visions eroded your belief in their validity Desertwind?

Ranik Solusar: no, i just never have them anymore. it's the..

Empatajayos Brand: (lifting debris via the force) the darkness...we all feel it. i've heard the high council masters actually see it as a major shift in the current of the force.

Ylenic It'kla: although teams Aurek and Bacta failed in their mission to smoke out the other one. the Sith are off-balanced, with Dooku defeated this conflict will cease.

Empatajayos Brand: I hope that sentiment keeps Nejaa's family at ease as well as it does you Ylenic.

Ranik Solusar: It's a good thing were here because of Halcyon, cause if we where assigned to this mission. i know i'd have just walked out on you Brand!

Empatajayos Brand: why did the three of you go off like some hero squad thinking you where gonna defeat the sith and end the war! what you heard about Master Vos's successes in that area and thought the three of you where above the lure of the dark side?

Ylenic It'kla: it was the will of the council Master Brand. nothing more.

Empatajayos Brand: i am sorry. i just still find it hard to swallow that immediately after that investigation the three of you are sent to get killed by Dark Acolytes while on a hunt for the Sith. and Master Yoda was almost vanquished by those Bpfasshi Dark Jedi.

Ranik Solusar: yes it does sound rather convenient when grouped together like that. but i think you must detach yourself from this investigation of the lekku loper. you're seeing Conspiracy everywhere you look from what i hear.

Empatajayos Brand: in this war how can anyone not?

Ylenic It'kla: besides the force is with us no matter how thick the darkness may be Master Brand, we've seen the defeat of the entire force-sensitive command structure of the confederacy these past monthes. If their remains another Sith, the jedi will triumph.

Empatajayos Brand: last time i checked Asajj Ventress was still unaccounted for and Team Aurek had established a trail from here to the Ambassadorial Sector of Galactic City. conveniently as you would put it, right as the separatist invasion struck.

Ranik Solusar: The Living Force belief cannot be applied to all scenarios Brand. believe me, Master Halcyon was not destined to perish at the hands of Master Tyris. destiny is not a tangible commodity. 

Empatajayos Brand: perhaps you're right, its just i foresaw the three of us finding something in this wreckage. i cannot remember where it is..

Ylenic It'kla: perhaps i can help.

Empatajayos Brand: thanks, i really didn't know how to ask.

The Caamasi absorbs the entirety of Brand's vision. after wards he lifts his hand towards a pile of rubble and via the force levitates an axe to his hand.

Ranik Solusar: i'll be damned. looks its of gungan design?

Empatajayos Brand: never heard of them using vibro-axes?

Ylenic It'kla: there is much to be learned from this weapon.

Interrogation Chamber-Jedi Temple-Coruscant 19 BBY

Dilbun Vont: (narration) from my perspective the empire was born over da course of one night. one night of smoke and flame, blood and death, and of-course profit.

Empatajayos Brand: hope you had a pleasant sleep, cause i'm thinking your extended stay in our cells might be coming to an end.

Dilbun Vont: oh yeah, you don't say?

Empatajayos Brand: yes, we found something of yours.

Dilbun Vont: this bout the plugged toilet in your room?

Ranik Solusar: (entering room) any chance you've ever been to Naboo?

Dilbun Vont: hey its a full class reunion, so you saber jockeys bein dodging the bolts pretty good i tage id?

Empatajayos Brand: answer the question, spare us the details on what we found. end this debacle your tied up in the easy way. tell us who put you up to this and whom keeps your records hidden and why!

Dilbun Vont: i guess our six cycle honeymoon's over den?

Ranik Solusar: your a regular Jon Antilles down here pal, whoever you're covering for gave you up right as we moved on you. that platform was rigged to blow regardless of what you believe were trying to make you think. its all true. make this easy will you?

Empatajayos Brand: we found the vibro axe. and were gonna get everything off of it. every memory on the object. understand?

Dilbun Vont: if the holonet special i saw right befoe you saber jockeys caged my ass down here was right. aren't the courts not excepting you guy's fantasies as evidence anymore? so i wonder what the frak do i care bout some damn vibro axe?

Ylenic It'kla: (entering room) Memnii are being widely denounced by the galactic court, due in large part to a severe Bothan discrimination campaign against the Caamasi people. Psychometry however is still excepted as evidence due in large part to the fact that it can be utilized by non-force sensitives such as Kiffar. Understood Lekku Loper?

Dilbun Vont: knock yurselves out.

Tranquillity Spire of the Jedi Temple-Coruscant-19 years BBY

The Three Jedi Masters gather in the center of the deserted chamber around the Gungan Vibro-Axe.

Ranik Solusar: how much did you detect on here Ylenic?

Ylenic It'kla: a great deal, at-least all eighteen of the murders and something much older. it is my intention to view the oldest impression on this weapon, you may follow me if you wish.

Empatajayos Brand: i'm with you.

the three jedi levitate the axe off the floor, and place their hands upon the axe while focusing all of their force powers on Psychometry.

the images come suddenly, several spatters of Twi'lek blood, screams and anguish. the three men squirm at the sight of the Lekku Loper himself enjoying the crimes,they press on past the murders.

 suddenly years jump backwards, the axe is in the hands of a Gungan Ambassador on Naboo. the ambassador twirls the ornate axe before Senator Palpatine. the three jedi emerge from the memory.

Ylenic It'kla: as i said, a great deal. let us take all of this in before we act.

the three masters delve deeply into the memory and experience it entirely.

Lake Paonga-Naboo-44 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Kref Milas: Mesa musta thanks yousa for attending this meeting Senata.

Palpatine: ofcourse, now could you come to the point, gungan.

Kref Milas: mesa represent a faction that wishes to assist the naboo in the remova of King Veruna from Powa.

Palpatine: and why exactly do you think i would wish to assist your kind in such an act?

Kref Milas: mesa also hava dealins with Big Galgu. hesa says yousa not justa senata. yousa outsta to climb da ladda of the senate to da top.

Palpatine: so Galgu has a big mouth, i'll take that into consideration. i take it your attempting to blackmail me into removing the king of Naboo from power so you gungans can do what exactly?

Kref Milas: mysa faction isa smarta then that Palpotinesa.

Palpatine: i've heard enough.

suddenly a teenaged zabrak child bursts from the swamp waters with a double bladed lightsaber, before the child can reach the Gungan, an spray of gungan energy weapons stun the zabrak back down into the waters.

the enraged senator switches into his sith lord guise and ignites his own crimson bladed lightsaber to deflect the energy balls. they are too many. a shock net falls over the Sith Lord and temporally subdues him. Kref Milas twirls the ornate Vibro Axe.

Kref Milas: Mesa wasa gonna giva dis to a yousa as a sign of our committmentsa to each othersa successesa. togetha wesa couldsa teared downa the wallsa betweensa our sa peoples.

Palpatine: do you think i only relied upon a teenaged Zabrak and my own...

before the senator can finish his sentence a single blaster bolt flares to life between the Gungans eyes. as he falls dead, A teenaged Dilbun Vont is revealed as accompanied by the Fromm gang.

Sise Fromm: good thing we had an axe to grind with these guys as well Augie huh?

Palpatine: get me out of this net and don't call me Augie!

Sise Fromm: ofcourse senator, but you better thank young Dilbun here first, he's the one whom vapped that gungan bastage.

Palpatine: yes, i didn't even sense your intent nor your presence. quite interesting. thank you Dilbun...

Dilbun Vont: (picking up vibro-axe)Vont, Yur welcome ol'Augie!

Palpatine: (removing net) perhaps we'll work together again in the future Dilbun. now i understand your contributions are all in order Sise?

Sise Fromm: oh yeah, credits already lining the right pockets now that these stooges are outta da way.

without a sound, the young zabrak falls inline between his master and the Mafioso's.

Khameir Sarin: (punching vont in the stomach and taking the axe) inferior!

without a seconds hesitation, palpatine elbows the young zabrak to the head dropping the child to the muddy banks.

Palpatine: (kicking in the stomach) this person whom you label inferior, succeeded where you failed me! absorb your pain and get the ship warmed.

Khameir Sarin: (coughing up blood) yes, my master.

Sise Fromm: (shaking hands) my respect you have senator.

Palpatine: very good, until next time.

the obese Mafioso marches back towards his own ship, Young Dilbun goes to follow. but is stopped suddenly by the power of the force.

Palpatine: (presenting the ornate axe) well done young Vont, it really is a pity there is nothing of the force about you.

Dilbun Vont: if ya say so.

Palpatine: keep this. consider it a award for a job well done, don't sell it and if you do i'll find out.

Dilbun Vont: sure thing augie.

The Three Jedi Masters remove their hand from the Axe and look at one another astonished by what they've learned.

Ranik Solusar: what kinda name is augie?

Empatajayos Brand: (marching out of the room) name of a scum sucking war monger that's what it is.

Ylenic It'kla: (attempting to catch Brand) wait we cannot just run into all this Master Brand, we need to meditate on our next course of action.

Empatajayos Brand: the entire orders bein led nose first into this slaughter house of a war by a mafiso backed sith and you wanna meditate?

Ranik Solusar: i agree, this cannot wait. we can end this war tonight.
the chancellor is going up the same river as his buddy Dilbun Vont.

Ylenic It'kla: i sense a  great disturbance in the force, we mustn't be too hasty Masters, we need the approval of the high council before we go pointing the preverbal finger at the chancellor.

the three masters depart the spire in an elevator.

the elevator comes to a stop as the entire temple is rocked by a blast. the car opens up into the lobby of the temple.

the scene is dire, thousands of clone troopers hold the main entrance position. blaster fire blankets the air, numerous knights and padawans attempt to combat the sudden ambush.

Empatajayos Brand: this cannot be happening...

Ranik Solusar: (pulling brand back in the elevator) not this way.

the elevator closes and the three jedi calm themselves while pulling their saber hilts from their belts.

Ylenic It'kla: the darkness is upon us, we are undone.

Ranik Solusar: this cannot be the will of the force, the sith...palpatine must be preempting us.

Empatajayos Brand: we get Vont outta here, this axe and him is all we need to make our case. no matter how war torn the galaxy may be, they will not except the rule of the sith.

Ylenic It'kla: you speak as if they will have any choice in the matter. we the guardians of peace and justice are so easily subdued by this war machine, what chance will a revolution stand?

Ranik Solusar: calm yourselves, we three no matter what. must get out of this with vont and that axe.

Empatajayos Brand: alright we make for the cells and go up to the padawan barracks then to the hanger bay. from there we make for Corellia. Bel Iblis's declaration of Contemplanys Hermi should be in-place long enough for him to fortify the system against Sith incursion.

Ylenic It'kla: if any part that plan falls apart we split up, i'll go to Alderaan. Senator Organa will be vital to whatever revolution we may attempt.

Ranik Solusar: i'll take the padawans to the Nespis system, my families already there. its remote, the Sith wouldn't look there first.

The elevator opens onto the floor of the confinement level. the three jedi sprint to the cell of Vont with sabers drawn.

Dilbun Vont: what in the five Fire Rings of Fornax! are you slimo dweebs doin wit those dings on?

Ranik Solusar: (force pulling vont from the cell) it's way past check out time, get a move on!

Dilbun Vont: jus keep yur lazorsword outta my hind an i'll follow ya.

the small group makes its way from the cell area on foot within the corridors of the labyrinthine Temple. the sound of blasters and explosions begin to become a constant on their journey towards the higher levels.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) What I remember about the rise of the Empire is…how sudden it came down on them saber jockeys. all dat swagger and force malarky, all they could do was catch bolts in the face after awhile.

First Knowledge quarter-Jedi Temple-Coruscant-19 BBY

the sound of Sabers clash and crackling echo off the walls of the enormous structure. force enhanced techniques are pushed to their limits in the constant melee surrounding the continual march of Darth Vader and the traitorous 501st. blaster rounds are fired at point blank range as troopers close in upon their quarries, wave after wave of both side is decimated in turn. the stench of charred flesh and saber fused wounds weighs heavily upon the air as The three masters dragging Vont enter the Padawan barracks.

several young padawans stand with their backs to the walls as Vader orders the clones to open fire upon them, without thinking about their objectives. all three masters spring into action and slay the clone firing squad. the bodies fall and the padawans breath an air of relief. Darth Vader turns around to stare down the Masters.

Ranik Solusar: (LOCKING BLADES) stand down darksider!

Darth Vader: (parrying) you will feel the power of the dark side!

Ylenic It'kla: (joining the fray) is it Skywalker?

Empatajayos Brand: (attempting death blow) does it matter!

suddenly the sith lord springs into the air while using the force to hurl objects at It'kla, the caamasi takes all the abuse in stride and blocks the enraged darksider from slaying the petrified padawans. 

Darth Vader: (locking sabers with Solusar while punching Brand) Renounce the ways of the jedi and my master will welcome you!

Ranik Solusar: never beg an enemy to surrender while you supposedly hold the upper hand skywalker, it belies your fear!

Darth Vader: (recklessly attacking) do not talk down to me!

the upstart sith lord drives the battle to Solusar with beserker rage, the master returns motion but with a practiced ease. Vader's saber strikes the walls and the floor as the attack is prolonged, Solusar attempts to stab the sith lord, but misses as the dark side enhanced skills give Vader his one advantage.  seizing the moment the sith lord strikes solusar with his lightsaber in the back causing him to drop his lightsaber and fall to the ground in pain. Before the sith lord can deliver the death blow to Solusar, Brand force hurls a bit of debris at Vader.

Empatajayos Brand: (assuming battle stance) Ylenic, get yourself and Solusar out of here. i'll save those padawans.

Ylenic It'kla: (in a haze) wheres vont?

suddenly Brand is struck in the stomach with the gungan vibro-axe, dropping the master to the ground in severe pain. Dilbun kicks the lightsaber from the wounded masters hand and readies himself to behead him. as the infamous murderer goes to strike he notices the look in the eyes of a 15 year old human girl padawan. excitement. not wasting a moment Solusar force pushes vont away from Brand and fetches the master up my the hand and the three masters flee at force enhanced yet wounded speeds. The Sith Lord approaches the Lekku Loper.

Darth Vader: are you a maintenance engineer or a jedi sympathizer?

Dilbun Vont: (sudden recognition) the "hero wit no fear"?

Darth Vader: (pulling him by the neck) soon enough that will be true. but you will address me as Lord Vader! what is your business here quickly! i have a temple to conquer.

Dilbun Vont: (gagging) black opps, commander vont. fit fo duty...sir..lord.

Darth Vader: (dropping him) very good. i have some masters to finish off, i assume you can handle these children.

Dilbun Vont: (saluted with blood soaked axe) consida it done.

the sith lord speeds from the room down the same wall the masters sprinted down. Vont gets up and approaches the excited padawan girl. the other children back away as he kneels down in-front of the girl.

Dilbun Vont: why where you happy ta see onea yur own get an axe to da gut kid?

Cittro: they took me away from my family! and they aren't good!

Dilbun Vont: (chuckles) true nuff kid. tella wut, how bout you prove yur story to me?

Cittro: how?

Dilbun Vont: (presenting axe) this is the only weapon i gots on me right now. i want you ta kill these otha kids wit it. ya do dat, you git to be my partner and you might jus live.

the other padawans attempt to flee as the girl attacks them frantically, swinging madly in any motion the children fall before the deranged child.

in a stupor Vont watches in joy. but he catches her axe hand as she attempts to continue hacking up an already dead child.

Dilbun Vont: ya past the test kid, but remember dis, nobody pays ya to kill a person dats already dead. don't waste the rage.

Cittro: (giggling through fear tears) that's funny. but it shouldn't be.

Dilbun Vont: its all like dat, you got a nice swing. they had you on Bandomeer didn't day?

Cittro: how'd you know?

Dilbun Vont: long timeo ago kid, they had me there. try'd to work their calming crapola on me. 

Jedi Temple Hangar-Coruscant-19 Years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Master It'kla attempts to apply his force energies to healing both of his wounded comrades.

Ranik Solusar: if only we'd had better training in the healing arts Brand...

Empatajayos Brand: (holding hand over bleeding wound) atleast yours is from a lightsaber...still can't get how that bastard got the drop on me.

Ranik Solusar: there should be a bacta patch in one of those interceptors.

Ylenic It'kla: so i guess we should split up here?

Ranik Solusar: agreed, should victory come to our forces. may we meet again!

Empatajayos Brand: you two can flee if you wish, i'll cover your exit. i'm certain as a collective force, we can hold the temple and repel this incursion.

Ylenic It'kla: this isn't the Yinchorri Uprising, the temple is taken Brand.

Empatajayos Brand: nevertheless..

suddenly the room is entered by Lord Vader whom springs from the elevator and runs towards the Three Masters. they separate and lift off within Jedi Interceptors, the sith lord jumps behind the console of another interceptor.

The Jedi Masters take to the skies and split up, all three maintain radio silence. It'kla dives for cover and flies deep into the under levels of the galactic cityscape. Solusar races into the congested traffic lanes of the planet. Brand however makes for space and is pursued by the merciless Sith Lord.

Brand successfully docks with a hyperspace docking ring and blasts off towards Nar Shaddaa. Vader does the same and checks his instruments.

the interceptor blasts into lightspeed in pursuit.

Hall of Knighthood-Jedi Temple-Coruscant-19 BBY

The Clone troopers charge the retreating jedi whom are backed into the windowless chamber. dozens of knights fall to blaster fire as they cover the retreat.

once completely backed into the chamber of knighthood, The AT-PT fires an thermal detonator into the room and an explosion of utter gore rocks the temple as an generation of Jedi are blown to bits, the room falls silent.

 Dilbun Vont approaches the commander of the 501st accompanied by the turncoat padawan; Cittro.

Appo: why is that child still alive!

Dilbun Vont: relax yursef vatboy. dis kits wit me. consider her a member of the Black Opps, she says the awhole bunch of da council dweebs snuck out via the undercity.

Appo: we already know that Commander! lord Vader was subdued by Master Ti. troops are already on their trail.

Dilbun Vont: well i guess i can leave this slaughter under yur control then?

Appo: the child does not leave the temple sir!

Dilbun Vont: (brandishing axe) see this bucket head? that kit did work dirtier than you where trained to stomach wit it. my kinda work, she lives!

Appo: order 66 remains active sir. all jedi are to be slaughtered.

Dilbun Vont: howa bout command directive? Ordea 77 right? clandestine agent commands neutrality over an enemy of value. need somethin to wash that pill down wit Clone?

Appo: understood sir.

Dilbun and Cittro leave the clones to their work. they march down a staircase within the temple, smoke from the blasted out portions of the temple blanket the air.

Cittro: what's going to happen now?

Dilbun Vont: eveyding dat ol Augie promised, galaxy's gonna be the place people like me know it really iz. their ain't gonna be no ticker tape parade commencing it. more like a burning building on the holonet accompanied by some interesstin stories bout how it all came ta be.

Cittro: i meant whats going to happen to me.

Dilbun Vont: well i wuz thinkin we'd work togetha. i'd train ya up and then we'd be like partnas out on the rim. my skills and yur force skills..

Cittro: i refuse to use the force! that kriffing force ruined my life!

Dilbun Vont: ok, don't use the kriffing force.

Cittro: so when you say partners, are we talking business or pleasure?

Dilbun Vont: umm...thought you jedi where trained to like avoid that sorta stuff?

Cittro: i never wanted to be a jedi or know the force!

Dilbun Vont: well i dink ya need to grow up abit before anything like dat can even be considered aight?

Cittro: i'm not a child!

Dilbun Vont: i'll let ya know when yur not a child.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) dis iz why ol' augie had to create those reeducation schools for the Hands. how do you handle a dozen force-sensitive kits wit raging hormones? gotta give em some sort of control over dem selves! 

The Ganath Cloud-near Nar Shaddaa-19 Years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

A Starfighter battle rages out of control, two jedi craft engage one another at point blank ranges, salvos are exchanged and targets are re-engaged at lightening speeds. Brand's craft is heavily damaged, but he continues in his quest to vanquish the sith lord. but no matter how much effort the jedi puts towards his task, the sith lord's piloting skills are beyond superior.

without warning Vader tires of the struggle and uses the force to explode the fuel tank manifold of Brand's fighter, the explosion sends the dark lord spinning away from the cloud of radioactive gases and towards Nar Shaddaa. assuming victory Vader, reverses his course and reattaches to his hyperspace ring. the sith lord makes for coruscant.

Brand's vessel careens out of control and drifts into the Cloud whilst disintegrating. The Jedi Master is adrift in the cloud, his body a mangled burning mess which the coldness of space begins to freeze. the vacuums effect is interrupted by the cloud. a crude mixture of oxygen and Jedi stamina keep Brand alive. the master drifts towards a hidden planet, steam powered vessels take notice of the wreckage and move into rescue Brand.

On Coruscant, From the window of Vont's Apartment, Dilbun and Cittro share a toast of Whyren's Reserve while sitting atop his wooden table. the Jedi Temple burns in the distance.