Author Topic: Must see CAD designed and Laser Cut Diorama accessories for sale.  (Read 5974 times)

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A friend of mine got a 30,000$ laser cutting machine.  He is making some amazing diorama accessories.  There is only going to be a few things a month then they will be retired for a while.   There is only going to be a few things each month and at the end of the month the item will be retired (we will surely revisit them in later months)  Other items are coming.  

Last month he sold the cryofloor and stairs.



To help this thing be more organized there is now a website with a shopping cart system that links to paypal. It can be seen here.

LASERAMA web page

The pieces are:

 SKY CITY WINDOW  sold both in a deluxe frame with removable windows (also available with just the windows)






You can also buy single grates to fill out the dio.  It is about 3" long.

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That is awesome.  Make sure he does the preventive maintenance on the laser.  They take a lot of attention to keep running properly.
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Having seen it at CV I can speak for Sillof that this is an awsome piece and i hope to save up for it.