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Jesse James: presents to you all the first 100 Reviews...  It's kind of impressive when you look at them all together, haha.

Thanks  to Jeff for putting that together.  If there's one you're interested in checking out, just click the button and you'll open it up.  Take a look back at where we came from in the modern collection to where we are now.  Some impressive leaps in quality, and some steps backward too.  Hasbro really keeps you guessing at the end of the day though.



Jesse, congrats on your 100th review. Thats 100 for 100 really great reviews, and keep up the excellent work!  ;D  8)

Jesse James:
Thanks Greco, I appreciate that.  :)

I gotta say...  All those buttons there look nice together, haha.  I may have to print that out just for my own keepsake.

It is quite impressive Jesse.  I have always appreciated your reviews, they are always extremely thorough and very accurate.

Jesse James:
Thanks Matt, I really appreciate that...  The reviews are sometimes tedious to do but I don't want to trim them down really...  Everyone has their own style of reviews at various toy sites like AF Times and things, but I've always appreciated the more thorough reads myself on a toy...  Some trim it down and seemingly make reviews a cookie-cutter format (and response) almost every time, and others have a numbering system I'm not wild about (it has no basis so it really doesn't mean anything or point out why something loses points and such). 

I've enjoyed the first 100 though and it actually is a fairly impressive body of work there, to myself of course, what with all the writing and things...  I'm happy with it.  It's also managed to get me noticed too in the SW collecting world.  I've always been proud of that and being honest about the toys I buy.  :)  Hasbro are a nice group of people and I thnk the honest answer is the one they respond to positively for us, as well as for the line/themselves.

Anyway, thank you Matt, I appreciate it, and more to come as the year wears on!


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