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Nova Ubiquitous Action Figure Displays

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Jesse James:
(Clicky to read my impressions)

We recently received a sample from the company "Nova" for their soon-to-be-released Ubiquitous Action Figure Displays system.

What the hell is that!?  Well, read the review and you'll find out, but the short answer is a scale-neutral action figure display system that is customizable to virtually any configuration you could want.

I enjoyed it, and would liken it to GTP Space Walls but more versatile (IE: not Death Star specific looking) and display options are much more numerous.  It's tough for me to compare them to one another, I consider them wholly separate and complimentary, not competitive, but check it out for yourself!

Great review as always Jesse....always happy to see a new one!

I'm keeping these in mind if I were to do a redesign of my collection room.

Jesse James:
They’re definitely a good option Matt, and thank you for the kind words on the review I appreciate that.  Tough to make time to do them and my photography is obviously not as good as others, but I thought people might like these sets.  There are similar things available overseas too, but I’d say nothing this polished.

Only GTP is as “complete” aesthetically but their design lacks the interlocking connecting this set does have.  Again I think they’re apples and oranges as products go though and both accomplish the display goal in different but effective ways.

Nova posted a teaser image that implied, to me anyway, a more imperial looking design is on the way.  That’s cool.

Jesse, I may have said something on Twitter about this but if not, well done on the review. The pics are fine and you did a great job of covering all the ways the set can be put together. It's an interesting design and pretty easily used for a lot of different properties.


Jesse James:
Thanks man I appreciate that.  It’s definitely a nice set to have.  I tried to put them in contact with Entertainment Earth.  They want to work with them too.

The customizable nature of these makes them nice for people to fit to their shelf if they want or whatever.  Like I mentioned they may be putting out a new set that look kind of imperial but I’m not sure on the coloring they’ll go with.  They may be in the same gunmetal color these are but some of the FO halls have that color going on and less of the OT grey.  Hopefully will know more on that stuff soon.


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