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New versions of OT on Disney+?

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I haven't started Disney+ yet (still trying to be productive at work) but reading some stuff on Twitter about changes being made to ANH (again) - HanVsGreedo has been tweaked (Greedo gets the last line of dialogue now and whatever he says is not subtitled).  Also heard they tweaked some of the stuff with R2-D2 hiding from the Jawas. 

It'll be interesting to give it a watch and see what else has been tweaked for these digital releases...

Apparently we have NEW changes to the OT with the launch of Disney+. Something about a new shot of Greedo before Han shoots him. I haven't signed up for Disney+ yet since I'm at work, but there are rumors of other small changes as well.

Apparently the Disney+ versions of the films are the 4K versions Lucasfilm was allegedly working on before the Disney sale, so maybe this is all stuff Lucas was planning and was held over.

I'm trying to look into this more.

Because that's what the fans have been clamoring for....more changes to the OT.

Qui-Gon Jim:
I can confirm this Greedo change.  I can also confirm that the digital copy in the Vudu and Movies Anywhere services do not have this change.

So "MacKlunkey" is now a thing in Star Wars.


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