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Iím in the same boat as I imagine many others are, incredibly excited about all of this but have no idea where it will go. That said, Iíll be backing as well. Still trying to decide which version to go with and if I need the extra ďsideĒ or not.

Iíve always told myself, with all the things I collect and try to display, OT, 3 and 3/4Ē Star Wars would be the last to go. Iím in on that segment until the end. I think this whole thing looks pretty great, and although yes it would be nice if it was considerably cheaper, it isnít unexpected.

Although I donít regret backing any of them, the more of these we get I wonder if I should have passed on the Razor Crest and Ghost. Itís getting to the point where you would just need a separate building or shed to display them all properly. I already have 90% of my vehicles, as well as the Jabba throne room packed away. Time to make some choices to free up room.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Disney Marvel Cinematic Universe
« on: February 15, 2024, 10:57 AM »
Iím so excited to see some real forward progress on the F4 joining the MCU, canít wait. I like everyone in this cast, so Iím hopeful. With all of their castings, I pretty much trust Marvel. I canít really think of a single character of theirs that I look at and go ďwow, they really missed that oneĒ. Most have been spot on, and many have become iconic in their roles.

Other Toy Lines / Re: 2024: What Are You Collecting?
« on: December 31, 2023, 02:05 PM »
Looking to 2024, like others, Iíve sort of been in a transitional phase as well. Donít get me wrong, I think what is available out there these days is an embarrassment of riches; so much cool stuff. Price, display/storage space, and just life in general changes your perspective on things. Iím realizing as I get older, I just want less and less ďstuffĒ not only on display but in general. An eternal battle for a collector 😂. Broken record here, but Iím narrowing focus, being more selective, and unloading a bunch of stuff. Some lines I think Iím ďgoodĒ on, and most to all stuff I wait a bit on. I used to have probably 50+ things on preorder at any given time. Now it is less than 10. Only things that are personal ďcanít missĒ items. Hereís what Iím looking at going into the New Year.

Star Wars TVC - used to be all in with new stuff but Iím more selective and waiting for sales with a lot now. Iíll stick with OT until the end most likely. Iíve got a Ghost on the way that I donít have a place for, but thatís a future problem.

Marvel Legends - probably my favorite line the past few years. Started off long ago focusing on Spidey, branching into X-Men, and going downhill from there. I mainly focus on classic costumes, but get some of the new characters as well, and the main outfits of MCU. Buy too much here, but Iíll be working on that in the New Year.

GI Joe Classified - picking up the characters I remember from the toon/toyline growing up. Iíll likely continue but try to be more selective as well. Might be the best line out there these days.

That, for the most part, should be it. I think I might be done with Black Series as well. Iíll still be tempted to get any new OT stuff we get, and have the new Mando preordered, but overall the line just doesnít excite me as much anymore. I think I have what I want for Transformers, and possibly MOTU as well although I do like the New Eternia stuff. Otherwise just one offs here and there. I got a few NECA figures (Alf, Warduke) last year, some Jada stuff (Chester Cheetah, Mega Man on the way), things like that. It is fun when I can separate myself from a ďcollect ĎĎem all ď mindset and just buying figures I think look fun or cool.

Other Toy Lines / Re: 2020: What Are You Collecting?
« on: December 14, 2023, 04:07 PM »
TBS 6" - No longer buying or collecting these.  In the near future, I'll be selling most of the 6" stuff I have (mainly Han Solo figures and some other main characters).  I am only keeping 8 figures from ANH - Vader, Leia, R2-D2, C-3PO, Ben with Holo-Leia table, Luke with Landspeeder, Smuggler Han, and Chewie.

How did the Black Series purge go Jeff? I sold a ton off this year as well, and currently have the rest packed away now. The lone exception is a Mando and Grogu on the desk. I rotate a small display of OT figures in and out once in awhile, but honestly with limited display space it seems silly to ďdouble upĒ with all my 3 3/4Ē stuff out as well. Iím gravitating more and more to a ďless is moreĒ approach to display as I get older.

Well of the Souls / Re: Hasbro 2023 Indiana Jones 6" Adventure Series
« on: December 14, 2023, 04:01 PM »
Iím sure things vary by location, but Iíd have to say at least around here things didnít really sit. Iím sure it didnít sell like gangbusters, as a line 90% populated by old white dudes was going to be an uphill battle. The only figure I really saw clearanced at Target was tuxedo Indy. The on,y one I saw sit even a little from the main line was Marion (and not long), and there arenít ANY of these figures left locally. Honestly, to try and be ďsmartĒ and budget things out a bit I waited on Toht and Belloq, thinking they would be likely clearance candidates but that hasnít happened at retail or on Amazon. Maybe they ordered somewhat correctly, at least for the first wave. I havenít seen much of the following waves at all, and got those online. Overall, despite some missed characters, Iím happy with the line and quality. I was honestly hoping they would just slip an Indy into Black Series or something at some point, so to get a whole line was great. Retro figures were a nice bonus too.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2024 TVC Deluxe AOTC Jango Fett
« on: December 14, 2023, 03:54 PM »
Iím kind of in the same boat. With ďextra spendingĒ tighter around Christmas anyways, Iíve been holding off on things more as well. Like I want the TVC Krrsantan, and will get him eventually, but our Target got eight of them in roughly a month plus ago, and seven of them are still there. Same with the Luke/Grogu, Tusken, and Sabine. Honestly, I havenít seen new stuff sit around like this for a long time, at least not to this level. It used to be if you saw something you better buy it because you might not see it again. This makes me think people have finally hit the breaking point with prices, and if it continues, changes might have to happen with the line(s). Figures still look great, but paying $25-30 for that little figure stings a bit.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2024 TVC Wave 3 (New TVC Wave 35)
« on: October 31, 2023, 11:09 AM »
Yeah I didnít think of the fact these were revealed overseas, that might have had something to do with it. I knew that we have had fan channel/repack waves before, it just caught my eye that these and all of the Black Series reveals were listed as fan channel or Pulse/Disney exclusives (even the ROTS Palpy, which I think would be considered at least new-ish), and I think maybe even Anakin and Palme? Iíd have to go look at the slides again. Probably nothing, just that in combo with what Star Wars sections look like around here, I was wondering if we would start seeing less or disappear eventually.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2024 TVC Wave 3 (New TVC Wave 35)
« on: October 30, 2023, 04:21 PM »
Did anyone else notice that (I think) every figure announcement for TVC and Black Series are listed as either fan channel or Pulse/Shop Disney exclusives? I donít recall seeing that before, for every release. Not that many actually are able to collect everything at retail these days, but I wonder if that means anything for the makeup of waves that go to retail (or if that is lessening).

The Bullpen / Re: Marvel Legends Haslab - Giant Man
« on: October 6, 2023, 10:51 AM »
It has been a slow roll, but I think it will probably make it. Being ďlowerĒ priced helps that too. I think Hasbro is in a tough place with tiers on these things. If they donít do figures itís ďbooooo, no figures!Ē, but if they do itís ďoh great Hasbro locked these figures behind a paywall, they hate collectors!Ē. I think the figures make it feel like a better value overall, but it would likely be higher priced then. Itís all a trade off.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2024 HasLab - TVC The Ghost
« on: September 1, 2023, 05:45 PM »
It is definitely at a point in fandom where there is almost nothing that would make everyone happy. We all want a Death Star, or a Cantina, or an Ewok VillageÖor generally just things that we had or wanted as kids. The thing is, most would not be satisfied if they basically upgraded versions of those. The fandom has gotten to a place where everything has to be hyper detailed, look just like the movie (or multiple movies), and usually super expensive. The stuff looks fantastic, and I love it donít get me wrong, but so much of the ďwonderĒ of these TOY lines has been lost over the years. It seems like many brands have to try to serve two different demos ďa line for the kids, and one for the adultsĒ. The times have changed I know, but I wish we could still have a one line for all approach. Still have fond memories of the POTJ days in that respect.

Other Toy Lines / Re: 2022: What Are You Collecting?
« on: September 1, 2023, 05:36 PM »
How is everyoneís collections looking these days? It seemed like a lot of us were in the same boat, likely the result of being ďin the gameĒ for so many years. Iíve been selling a lot of stuff off this year again, but still probably buying too much. I guess I can feel better about selling off lots of 50-60 figures, but only buying 3-5. Just getting to the point in life, our house, and budget (with everything being so pricey) where it just gets to feeling like too much. At the same time, we are getting virtually every franchise covered and some pretty neat toys.

Things for me have basically gone as planned. Only six Black Series purchases this year, although I know Iíll get some of the Ahsoka series stuff. TVC has been most of the new stuff. I also pass on most of the clones now too, but get most of the rest. The army building stuff has slowed. Iíve snagged all the retros - relatively inexpensive, and a lot of fun I think. I just got the N-1, and love it. And I stupidly backed the Ghost that I have nowhere to put. Love that ship though.

Marvel Legends is honestly the budget hog. By far the most I have picked up, probably over 50 figures. I keep thinking Iíll be winding down there, but between the MCU figures and the definitive classic looks, it adds up more than expected. Iíve grabbed some Classified as well, great stuff as usual. All in all, still need to keep cutting back. Starting to think what am I really going to do with all this stuff? Iíll never have room to display it all, and it seems silly to store it all.

Since there was basically no mention of the Indy lines at SDCC, are we to assume what has been announced is it? I know we kind of all figured that, but I guess it was still a decent run.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Thundercats, Hoooo!!
« on: July 21, 2023, 10:29 PM »
I donít think anyone here really collects Thundercats anymore, but Iím sure many of you have seen that Catís Lair. Just insane. If Thundercats was all I collected and displayed, it would be an excellent centerpiece, but wow is that a lot 🙂

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2024 HasLab - TVC The Ghost
« on: July 21, 2023, 10:23 PM »
Although I have no idea where I will put it, I backed as well. I passed on the Joe Dragonfly knowing this was likely up next, and I loved the Rebels show, crew, and this ship in general. Iíll just have to figure out where it will go. Iíve had to pack away most of my vehicles just due to lack of space, with basically just the Falcon and other two Haslabs out (and the Landspeeder/Snowspeeder since they are small enough to fit in the figure cases). Space issues aside, it really does look outstanding. Still a chunk of change, but I honestly expected it to be higher.

Is anyone here backing the Dragonfly? Iíd like to, even if it makes no sense for me (space danger), but with the HEAVY rumors of a TVC Ghost my extra monies will probably be going towards that instead, depending on price.

This really does look good though, and I loved the vintage toy. I know not everyone here collects Classified, but Iíve been fairly complete with one of each outside of some of the wacky repaints, and Iíll say this line has kind of been killing it for awhile now. Once they shifted out of what they were doing with the first couple waves, and started generally leaning more classic, it has been great. I just received Rock ní Roll, Shipwreck, Torpedo, and Copperhead todayÖand they all look great.

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