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Hey all! I wanted to share a project I have been working on this year: the Modular Armored Range Vehicle. The MARV is a 1:18 scale vehicle designed for use with 3.75"-4" action figures. A highly detailed military base model will be offered, along with various add-on part kits to upgrade the MARV for different missions and adventures. Look for the MARV to launch on Kickstarter in Fall 2018.

Here are some brand new photos of the recently completed prototype:

Please follow along on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates as well as all behind-the-scenes development images:

Vintage Trading and Classifieds / WTB: loose Yoda figure
« on: December 5, 2014, 02:04 PM »
I'm looking to buy a loose Yoda figure for one of my cousins as a Christmas gift. He isn't a collector, so condition doesn't have to be perfect. Ideally I'm looking for a figure with minimal paint wear on the face area that includes the cloak and cane for around $15, but there may be a little wiggle room in my budget for a more complete and/or better condition figure. Please PM me if you can help... thanks!


Joe Defender / Upcoming GI Joe?
« on: October 30, 2013, 08:53 PM »
I found some possible upcoming (or cancelled  :-X) Joe goodies while browsing the Hasbro Customer Service page today.

Notable listings (to me) were the following:

GIJ Ultimate Gift Set
GIJ Vehicle Collection Air
GIJ Zombie Apocalypse sets

GIJ Combat Vehicle Land
GIJ Combat Vehicle Sea

GIJ Desert Spec Ops Team

I'm really hoping this is an indication of what to expect for any sort of 50th Anniversary line next year, especially the zombie listings.

The Bullpen / Guardians of the Galaxy
« on: October 30, 2013, 03:20 PM »
I found a whole bunch of Guardians of the Galaxy listings on Hasbro's Customer Service page. It appears the movie will be getting a fairly large toy line with all of the usual figures, vehicles, and role-play stuff. Here are screen-caps of the listings:

I'm guessing most of these items will be on display at Toy Fair next year. Unfortunately only a handful of the listings have size/scale information, but hopefully the figures and spaceships will be 3.75".

Star Wars Rebels / Star Wars Rebels Toy Rumors!
« on: October 30, 2013, 03:05 PM »
I found these listings on Hasbro's Customer Service page:

Notable listings are the Hero Series Inquisitor and Hero Series Kanan from the first picture, and the Rebels Blaster and Rebels Stormtrooper from the second picture.

The Black Series 6" Figures / 6" Black Series Deluxe Line
« on: October 30, 2013, 03:05 PM »
I found these listings on Hasbro's Customer Service page:

Notable are the 6-inch Jabba the Hutt and 6-inch Speeder Bike listings. The Speeder Bike was previously confirmed, but could Jabba be a cancelled or unannounced item?

The Black Series 6" Figures / Upcoming Black Series figures?
« on: October 30, 2013, 03:03 PM »
Found these listings on Hasbro's Customer Service page:

Notable listings are for Chewbacca, Jawas, TIE Pilot, C-3PO, Darth Vader, Luke Jedi, Clone Trooper EpII, and multiple listings for the Sandtrooper.

The Black Series 3.75" / Upcoming or unreleased Black Series items?
« on: October 30, 2013, 03:02 PM »
Apologies in advance for this pic-heavy post. I found a bunch of interesting Star Wars listings on Hasbro's Customer Service page. Here are screen shots:

There is a mix of unknown and revealed/available listings above. I have no idea if the unknown listings are for upcoming Black Series products or cancelled AOTC/ROTS 3D items. They seem like recent listings based on numbering (A####).

Modern Trading / WTTF: Attack on Hoths, TLC AT-STs, and more!
« on: April 27, 2012, 10:46 AM »
I am looking to trade for a few Hasbro Star Wars items. I might be willing to buy if the prices are right, so please don't hesitate to make a sale offer if I don't have anything you like. I would prefer sticking to trades with US members, but I am perfectly willing to entertain offers from members in other parts of the world.

The items that I HAVE to trade can be found in my "For Sale" thread:

Here is what I WANT:

Legacy Collection AT-ST x3 (mint in box preferred)
Target Exclusive Attack on Hoth x3 (mint in box preferred)
broken and/or incomplete Legacy and Attack on Hoth AT-STs

Thanks for looking, and please send a private message if you would like to work out a trade.

Joe Defender / Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4 Review
« on: January 21, 2011, 08:09 AM »
Just thought I'd share my mini-review of the newest G.I. Joe figures. I apologize for the crappy pics. Enjoy!

Alright, so this is easily one of the better versions of Destro out there. Granted, the only others that I've handled were from the 25th Box set and the POC Mr. Freeze figure, so I don't have a lot of modern era Destro knowledge. But still, this is a version of the arms dealer that looks ready to protect his investments or ensure that his clients provide payment. The gatling gun mounts to his belt, he has a pistol with holster, and removable shin and shoulder armor. It's a bit of a bummer that the Aliens steady gun wasn't included, but that doesn't detract from the figure. Hopefully we'll see that accessory at some point down the road.

Briefcase of Cash:
Yeah yeah, this is really an accessory, but I thought it deserved its own separate paragraph. It's a briefcase full of cash. It's ******* awesome. If you're on the fence with Destro, at least buy it for the case of money. It's totally worh it.

Probably the wort figure in the wave, but don't think for a minute that this figure is bad. The harness limits movement, especially leg articulation, but how much movement do you need for a guy that jumps out of planes? With all of the gear, you can get a good "freefall" pose, so the restrictions don't bother me too much. Once the gear is removed, the figure doesn't look as naked as some other Joes. It could've used a second harness and a machine gun, but I'm not complaining. The figure is surprisingly balanced, despite the large amount of gear.

Shadow Tracker:
Here's the "Predator" figure to compliment the previously released "Billy" and "Jesse Ventura" figures. The figure features a full range of articulation, including the ball hinged wrists. Even though he can't hold all of his weapons, you can store a decent amount on him. There is a hole on the lower portion of his jacket, a hole on his left thigh, and a sheath sculpted on his jacket for the small knife. The figure includes a compound bow*, quiver w/ arrow*, machete*, two crazy looking knives, one straight knife/sword w/ peg, bola w/ peg, spear, and a net. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of all the accessories. Overall, it's a very cool figure and it's nice to get a new Cobra villain.

*weapons were also included with POC Spirit

This is the figure that everyone appears to be waiting for, and I'd say it lives up to the hype. The accessories alone justify the purchase. The figure isn't bad either. Lowlight includes A LOT of stuff, but ALL OF IT can be stored. The rifle and scope can be packed into the duffle bag, and everything else can be packing into the backpack. The duffle can be plugged into the figure's back, and the backpack can plug into the duffle. Or the backpack can be plugged right into the figure. There is a lot to describe on the figure, but I'm feeling lazy right now. So, just get this figure and experience the awesomeness first hand. If you don't like it, I'm sure there will be plenty of people looking to buy them.

Some quick words of warning:

-The figure is hard to balance when the duffle and backpack are both plugged into the figure. Plus it looks goofy.

-The tiny bullet is very easy to lose. I'd recommend gluing it into the ammo box, or storing it in a ziploc baggie.

-The backpack included with my figure was fairly difficult to open. It's also an odd design, with the pack opening in the middle. The straps on the top portion and the pegs on the lower portion seem potentially fragile, so I would recommend some caution while opening and closing the backpack.

-The bipod for the rifle is meant to stay perpendicular to the rifle. I tried folding mine up, and it stretched out the clip on the rifle that holds it in place. So, don't make that same mistake.

Modern Classifieds / Individual Target 9-Pack Figs FS
« on: January 13, 2011, 06:30 PM »
Hey guys, I picked up five Target exclusive 9-packs that I'm breaking up. Here's what I have for sale:

Hoth Rebels:

Hoth Rebel Soldier x5 $6.00 each ---PENDING

FX-7 x 5 $5.00 each ---1 PENDING

Han Solo x5 $2.00 each ---1 PENDING

Bespin Alliance: **3-pack unavailable**

Luke Skywalker x 5 $3.00 each ---PENDING

Lando x 5 $3.00 each

Bespin Guard x5 $3.00 each

Imperial Set:

4-Lom x 5 $2.00 each

TIE Pilot x 5 $6.00 each

AT-AT Driver x5 $5.00 each

Individual figures will be mailed loose with all accessories. If you're after a complete, MIB three pack, let me know and we'll work that out.

Please PM me with questions, concerns, or offers. I can offer some slight discounts for larger purchases, but shipping is not included with the prices.US buyers only please, and paypal is preferred as payment. My feedback can be found here:
Greg's feedback

Thanks for looking!

Collections / My BMF BMF display
« on: December 28, 2010, 10:27 PM »
For my birthday and Christmas this year, my uncle helped me build a display case/functional table for my new BMF toy. By "helped", I mean he did most of the work. I did a bit of drilling and measuring. He is truly phenomenal at building stuff, so I'm very pleased with how this big mutha-******* Big Millenium Falcon (BMF BMF) display turned out. Here are some WIP pics. Tomorrow I prime the pieces, and later on I will paint it black and place a mirror on the bottom of the case.

Day 1: top portion, minus side plexi-glass and lights

Day 2: finished top portion, added bottom portion (removable legs, allowing the top portion to be a standalone coffee table or a heightened display), added LED lights in each corner

Modern Classifieds / W: Aayla Secura's goggles
« on: November 13, 2010, 08:55 AM »
Here's my odd request for the day... I'm looking for the goggles that came with the Clone Wars Aayla Secura. If anyone has them, and you don't want them, I'll gladly pay a couple bucks for em. Shoot me a PM if you can help.

Joe Defender / POC Quick Review: City Strike Figures
« on: August 3, 2010, 01:12 PM »

Alright, I have a quick review of the three POC Wave 1 "City Strike" themed figures, which are Beachhead, Firefly, and Alley-Viper. I'm not a hardcore Joe collector, but I have had a bunch of ROC and 25th Anniversary figures over the past few years... so I know some stuff.

Now, that main thing I have to say about these new figures is "Stuff, STUFF STUFF!!!" These new figures come packed with accessories. Guns, helmets, knives, random tools... each figure is loaded with cool stuff!

These figures have the full range of articulation that has been present since the start of the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line. I won't go into detail about the articulation, because if you're reading this post then you probably know a thing or two about Joe figures.

Alley-Viper is a repaint of the 2009 figure that was packed in the Defense of Cobra Island gift pack. Included are two small knives, a riot shield, night stick, assault rifle, two helmets, backpack, a (nonworking) grapple gun, and a gas mask. The figure has two working sheaths for the knives, and the backpack has a peg that the grapple gun is supposed to attach to. (Just a heads-up, that grapple gun doesn't stay attached for ****.)

Overall, I'd give the figure a 9/10. The only bad part is that the grapple gun doesn't stay attached to the backpack, but that's a minor gripe. The multiple helmets are great for adding diversity to an army or squad. Of course, good luck finding these guys... they seem to be almost as popular as the chase Cobra Commander.

Next up is Beachhead, which is probably my favorite toy from the whole assortment. The figure includes three assault rifles (one looks like a laser cannon or something), two sub-machine guns, a pistol, a knife, a pair of flippers, and a helmet/gas mask. The figure holds the sub-machine guns at an angle, and it looks somewhat funny. Other than that, all of the accessories work well with the figure.

Features include flippers that can attach to the figure's vest and two working sheaths (for one knife). The figure is very detailed, with many pouches and ammo magazines sculpted onto the vest. Each pouch has a painted buckle, and some sculpted grenades are "labeled." I don't know if any parts are re-used or if this is an all new figure. Whether it's new or repainted, this figure is awesome. I'm almost tempted to army build this guy. 9/10.

Lastly we have Firefly. Firefly comes with an assault rifle, two pistols, a backpack, two land mines/bombs, an alternate head, and a pair of armored gauntlets. The figure has a lot of the same details as Beachhead, such as sculpted grenades and ammo magazines on the vest. He has a gray camo pattern all over.

The coolest part about Firefly just might be the backpack. The backpack is huge, it opens, and the land mines can be attached to pegs on either side. Firefly's armored gauntlets can clip onto his forearms or attach to the back of his vest. Firefly also has an alternate, helmeted head. The head looks kinda stupid and too futuristic. It strikes me as a cross between a Predator mask and the aliens from Independence Day.

Firefly is a solid figure but it's kinda boring. The Alley-Viper is much cooler looking and is a better choice if you're looking for a COBRA figure. 7.5/10 for Firefly.

Overall, the Pursuit of Cobra line offers some great updates of classic characters. While the toys look very different from previous versions, you can still tell which character they are supposed to be. At $6.99 each, these figures are a good value and offer a decent amount of display/play/custom options.

Right now the line seems to be pretty hard to find. They are trickling into Targets and TRUs, and the Alley-Viper and Cobra Commander figures seem to be the first ones to sell. The way the line is being sold reminds me of the initial 25th Anniversary release, with figures only receiving a few pegs at each store and the bigger pieces being relatively easy to find.

Modern Classifieds / Star Wars figures FS
« on: June 26, 2010, 03:35 PM »
I have a few extra figures I'm looking to offload. Some are carded while others are loose. Carded/boxed have significant shelfwear and can be shipped loose; loose figures were displayed only unless noted. Paypal (gift preferred) is best for payment. Shipping is extra, but will be exact. I will ship worldwide.

Here's what I have:

Star Wars Black Series 6"
Speeder Bike with Scout $25 each
Clone Trooper $17.50 each
Storm Trooper $17.50 each

Star Wars Black 4"
$7.50 each

Star Wars Black 4", part 2
Snowtroopers, Starkiller, Malgus $10 each
Mara Jade $12

"rare" carded
Han Stormtrooper (droid part removed) $15
Luke Stormtrooper (droid part removed) $15
Ewoks $20
Inquisitors SOLD

"rare" larger items
Ewok Comic Pack $50
Roland Dyre/Jarael Comic Pack x2 $50 each
Scramble on Yavin $150
Mandalorian Speeder (package has heavy wear) $35

Legacy "Blue Package" Comic Packs (most are in opener condition... ask for details if interested in MOC)
ORder 66 Anakin with ARC Trooper $13
Order 66 Obi-Wan with ARC Commander $13
Durge and Anakin Skywalker $15
Antares Draco and Ganner Krieg $30
Assajj Ventress and Tol Skorr $30
Thrawn and Talon Karrde $35
Ibtisam & Nrin Vakil $50

Legacy "Red Package" Comic Packs (most are in opener condition... ask for details if interested in MOC)
Plourr Ilo Dllr Nep $15
Baron Fel and Ysanna Isard $15
General Weir and Shadow Scout $30
Kyle Katarn and Yuzaanh Vong (plastic bubble is cracked along an upper edge) $35
Stormtrooper, ITO Droid, and Blackhole Hologram $65
Darth Krayt and Sigel Dare (small hole/puncture in back of card) $75
Darth Nihl and Deliah Blue $100
Montross and Jaster Mereel $120
Tholme and Tra Saa $175

30th Anniversary Comic Packs (most are in opener condition... ask for details if interested in MOC)
Darth Vader and Rebel $12
Luke Skywalker and Deena Shan $17
ARC Trooper and Obi Wan $17
Quinlan Vos and Vilmar Grahk $17
Infinities Leia and Vader $17
Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade $20
Purge Bultar Swan and Koffi Arana $20
Mouse and Basso $20
Crimson Empire $30
Dark Woman and Asharad Hett $40

Amazon Legacy Collection Battle Droids x15 $7.50 each
Amazon Legacy Sun Fac x4 $5 each
Comic Pack Camie and Fixer $40

loose Imperials
Scanning Crew x6 $7.50 each
Snowtroopers (Saga Legends or VTAC... not sure which specific release) x5 $7 each
Stormtroopers (Saga Legends) x2 $8 each
Scout Troopers (Saga Legends or VTAC... not sure which specific release) x3 $7 each
Black Series ep3 Vader $7
Black Series Scout Trooper $9
Saga Collection Snowtrooper $5
Saga Legends Imperial Officer $7
TAC Death Star Trooper $6
OTC Tie Fighter Pilot $6
Sandtrooper (dirty) $5
Sandtrooper (clean) $5

boxed items 1
$11 each; multiples of vulture droids and jedi star fighters available

boxed items 2
Cloud Car $13 (multiples available)
Army of the Republic $35
Dagobah Battle Pack $25
Kamino Conflict $25
Stap Attack $25
Speeder Bike Recon - broken speeder bike in the package - $20
Speeder Bike Recon - unbroken contents - $25

customized Clone Trooper lot
every figure is non-mint and has been modified in some way: painting, gluing, missing/swapped pieces
4 figures for $20, or everything pictured for $150

Saga Collection Carded
Appo $10 each
all other figures $7 each

30th Anniversary carded
Neyo, Gree, Yoda w/ Kybuck, Tycho Celchu, Roron Corobb $10 each
Pit Droids, Biggs, Anakin, Sandtrooper $7 each

various carded
Aqua Droid $8 (heavy damage to card/bubble)
Shadow Clone Trooper $12 each
white exclusive Clone Trooper $10 each
Stormtrooper Commander $20
SDCC "smiling" Pilot Luke $25
Vintage AT-RT Driver (card has significant wear) SOLD
Vintage Dagobah Landing Luke (card has significant wear) $45
Vintage Foil card Sandtrooper (card has significant wear) $25

loose "rare" figures
light-up Darth Vader $13
light-up Anakin $20
light-up Sandtrooper $25
Mandalorian Warrior $20
Vizam $12
Imperial Navy Commander $15
Darth Phobos $40
Heavy Gunner Clone (missing heavy gun) $10
Commander Faie (missing hood and blaster) $10
Yavin Honor Guard (missing staff) $10
Sandstorm Han Solo $12
AT-AT Commander $30
Battlefront Galactic Marine (missing backpack and cannon) $12
Savage Opress $15
Legacy Emperor Palpatine $25
Clone Trooper Scythe (2 available) $10 each
Battlefront Clone Engineer (no original accessories) $12
Felucian Warrior (no club) $15
Keyan Farlander $12
TVC "Lost Line" Sandtroopers (replacement small blasters and backpacks) $13 each
TVC "lost line" Clone Lieutenant (missing rifle) $11
TVC Prune Face (missing rifle) $11

Saga Legends/Mission Series
all figures $7 each

small scale vehicles $15 each or $65 for all five

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