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Title: Ten Figures You're Thankful For?
Post by: David on November 27, 2008, 04:02 PM
Despite the summer drought, this year brought some amazing figures. I know my mental list of top ten favorites of all time (at least the ones that I own) has certainly changed since last time I thought about it.

My list as of August 2007:

1. Saga2 Nabrun Leids
2. Saga2 Foul Moudama
3. TAC Jawa w/LIN Droid
4. VTAC Snowtrooper
5. VTAC IG-88
6. TPM Graxol Kelvyyyn
7. VTSC Biker Scout
8. POTJ FX-7
9. Saga Ashla & Jempa
10. TAC Darth Vader

As of now it's WAY different, probably something like this:

1. POTF2 Max Rebo
2. Saga2 Nabrun Leids
3. TLC General Obi-Wan Kenobi
4. TCW Plo Koon
5. TAC Roron Corobb
6. TLC Yarna D'al Gargan
7. TAC Felucian Warrior
8. TLC Mon Calamari Warrior
9. TLC Arvel Crynyd
10. TSC Foul Moudama
TLC General Saesee Tiin
TLC Padme Amidala (Ilum)
TLC Clone Scuba Trooper
TCW Ahsoka Tano w/Rotta the Huttlet
TAC Jawa w/LIN Droid

Anyone else keep a mental list of their favorite figures? Any changes in this last year? Do I just have way too much time on my hands? :)
Title: Re: Ten Figures You're Thankful For?
Post by: Darth_Anton on December 1, 2008, 09:29 AM
I can't remember what mine have been in the past, but as it stands here are my top ten favorites, in no particular order:

Stormtrooper - Votc/TAC
Emperor - Evolutions
AOTC Clone
Bespin Guard
Bikerscout - Vtsc
IG-88 - Vtac
B-Wing Pilot - Evolutions
A-Wing Pilot - Evolutions
Blackhole Stormtrooper

Title: Re: Ten Figures You're Thankful For?
Post by: Jesse James on December 1, 2008, 11:47 AM
1 ) Keyan Farlander (B-Wing Pilot)...  Hands down one of, if not my favorite Rebel figure.

2 ) Rebel Honor Guard...  Similar to above, but I truly hope we see Hasbro release this guy with the brown ballcap so we get a "new" figure.  A unique head would be nice for this release.

3 ) IG-88 (and IG Lancer Droid)...  One of the most articulated and awesome figures in the modern line.  The detail is disgusting on IG-88, it's so intricate.  IG-Lancer droids are IG-88's spawn, and I love them equally because of it.

4 ) Clone Scuba Trooper...  I loved the cartoon and the Scuba Trooper was one of my most desired figures.  Hasbro knocked this figure out of the park 100%, and I wish I had 20 more of him!

5 ) Just about ANY film Clone...  Short of the original AOTC figures, Hasbro's knocked every film Clone figure out of the park.  All of them can see improved "uber articulation" with the wrists and hip joints, or a removable helmet, but really Hasbro has pretty awesome figures from the Evolutions Clones to the original Super Articulated AOTC Trooper...  Kudos to them for knocking out the white armored guys in droves.

6 ) Clean Sandtrooper from 2007...  The ultimate Imperial Army Builder as far as I'm concerned.  You get a field backpack, a black shoulder pauldron (nice and low-ranking/generic), a cool staff weapon, an E-11 blaster that fits in the mostly functional holster...  And he's clean.  Some will say the helmet's not perfect, but to me this figure is greatness.  Perhaps the single best army builder in the modern line due to its genericness for simple stormtroopers, and it's EU-ishness for all the extra gear you get to make "Field Stormtroopers" and whatnot.

7 ) Arvel Crynyd & Tycho Celchu A-Wing Pilots...  Like Keyan Farlander, these are some of the best figures in the Rebel ranks.  Tycho coming with BOTH headgear styles seen in the Home One briefing scene are just icing on the cake, and Arvel's cockpit scene helmet is perfect.

8 ) VOTC Snowtrooper...  Short of getting a generic headsculpt, perfect.  This is a great figure, and I really hope we see an officer variant with some minor retooling at some point or another.

9 ) 2007/2008 Super Battledroid & Destroyer Droid...  The only two Separatist army builders in the basic line that deserve any mention.  These are pretty damn perfect figures.

10) The McQuarrie Concept Figures...  They're each and every one great.  Obi-Wan's the weakest and I still love him.  I wish Hasbro would sneak out a couple more to complete things.  Tarkin, Rebel Fleet Trooper, Sandtrooper, Hoth Rebel Soldier, Lando, a couple Leia concepts, a Rebel and Imperial pilot concept, etc.  I could see a new 2009 sub-line of these or a boxed set.

And this is just the 10 I could think of immediately...

There's a wealth of Cantina aliens I'm thankful for like Myo, Dannik Jerriko, and the upcoming Cantina figures like Wioslea who I don't even have yet!  There's tons of droids too, like (and I'm reaching back here) ASP-7 is really a nice figure!  Or the original 2-1B who lacks articulation but it's cool still.  There's also the wealth of VOTC/VTSC/V30AC figures like Han Hoth (hood up and down brown coat), Bespin Luke who I think is fantastic, X-Wing Luke who is perfect, etc., etc.  Add in then all the Evolutions figures like Anakin E2 and E3, the white spandex Padme we just got, the Fett Evolutions figures, etc.  Almost all the E3 Jedi were pretty perfect to me as well, and I love them.

Hasbro has done some truly great work...  It's tough to dig too deep and find figures you're thankful for...  Like I liked the Duros figure, and he still looks good, but do I appreciate him today?  I like certain aspects to him but he's a statue in the Cantina these days...  I could see them doing better. 

I could easily put together a list of figures I'm NOT thankful for!  Let's go!

1 ) Hoth Rebel Soldier...  Seriously, 3 tries at this and you still haven't even come close Hasbro?  When the best feature to one of these guys was his rifle being actually made of a rigid enough plastic it wasn't folded in half, you're just not cutting the mustard.

2 ) Grand Moff Tarkin...  At this point, this extremely important character from ANH deserves redone, and Hasbro seems to be dragging their feet on him.

3 ) Piett...  The likeness wasn't accurate, the sculpt's ugly/bulky and pre-posed, and at the time he was best suited as a generic Imperial than such a specific character.

4 ) Saber-launching R2-D2...  Lame.  I'm still annoyed that Bar-2-D2 didn't come with a saber hilt and a little door that opened on his head.  It would've been the ultimate way to complete Bar-2 and make him the best R2 on the market IMO.

5 ) E2 Obi-Wan Kenobi...  Any of them.  They all suck, and they've yet to do any AOTC Obi close to decent.

6 ) E1 Obi-Wan Kenobi...  See above.  We have a great Qui-Gon and he is sorely lacking a great Obi-Wan.  Why does Obi-Wan get shafted?

7 ) E4 Obi-Wan Kenobi...  Again I don't see us having a single decent Oldie-Wan Kenobi in the line.  The VOTC figure is weak all around with its lack of knee articulation, the lack of the ties on his softgoods robe, the lack of arm articulation...  It sucks, and I don't feel the likeness is even that stellar.  The ghost figure we got in 2004 is alright as a ghost, but as the live figure I need articulation and softgoods on this one with a great likeness.

8 ) General Veers...  "What!?", you say?  How can I be down on him?  Because I'd always put the formula together that they could do an awesome Veers figure if they'd give him a removable hat and two-piece armor with a belt/holster that comes off.  They gave us a molded-on hat that the helmet fits over top of (and bends in the process), a holster that's permanent to his hip, and a single-piece chest armor...  The likeness is nice, and Veers is tall so the height is accurate, but the figure is lacking all of the above, plus his articulation sucks.  No knees (but swiveling boot tops...  why?), and his arms are permanently bent awkwardly.  I think better articulation would've probably made me like him more and get him off the list here.  Add on the helmet/hat issue, the armor and the belt, and I think he sorta blows and is just a place holder on the shelf instead of a great figure.

9 ) Death Star Trooper...  This one's weird that I'm listing it because I'm buying multiples of them.  The thing that sucks about the DST is, mostly, his goofy legs that make him A) too tall, and B) awkward looking at each point of articulation.  The legs are even oddly bent...  this figure just turned out to be a production nightmare.  I think the height can be fixed, but I hate fixing **** I shouldn't have to.  Hasbro needs to take this figure from the waist down, and resculpt him (maintaining super articulation).  Then he'll be great.  And if they gave a ****, include a black officer's cap so he's really something special.

10) The Rebel Fleet Trooper...  This figure sucks so hard I used it to clean a factory floor the other day.  This figure sucks so much that Dyson is trying to patent it as a new feature to their latest vacuum.  This figure sucks so much space is afraid of getting pulled into it.  If Hasbro ever does the Rebel Fleet Trooper without flaw, I think I'll be truly surprised...  I'm hopeful since he gets rumored and mentioned as coming out, but will he be perfect?  I could totally see us getting dicked over and getting knee joints like the "Naboo Hanger Guy" had, which are poseable but obviously a notch below ball/socket joints.  Or i'm afraid we won't get knees at all, and for some reason we'll get ankle articulation only...  Or that we'll get knees, and no ankles, and the ankles are pre-posed like the POTJ figure had.  Or that the helmet will be molded on, or the vest will be molded on, or the holster won't work, or this that or the other.  Basically I see the FLeet Trooper as having a number of possible screw-ups.  Some may not "ruin" the figure, but after waiting since 1995 for a decent basic Rebel soldier, I'll find any distinct flaw annoying.

11) Honorable Mention goes to the Endor Rebel Soldier...  Hasbro hasn't done anything right with this guy yet either, except get the sculpt looking sharp and the leg articluation (despite the stupid wide stance) down correctly.  He needs updated every bit as much as the other two though, ultimately.