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Title: Dave Filoni Q&A's on
Post by: Jesse James on September 7, 2010, 11:27 PM
They posted a video tonight on where Filoni answers a Question someone mails in, and so on...  Seems like an on-going series.

I found it kind of interesting that the question was regarding seeing Plo Koon without his mask on in the series, and the answer evolved into a bit more.

First, I found it interesting that Filoni was pretty easy to say "Would I follow how he looked in the EU or the Hasbro figure?  I don't know".  He did say he'd confer with Lucas on it, but it is just one more nail in the coffin for EU's importance IMO...  To so freely disregard it like that seemed telling to me.  He didn't say he wouldn't of course, but he seemed like it probably wouldn't be even a concern that they consider how Plo's look is established already.

Second though, I found it interesting how he has wanted more characters to have subtitles, but that the constraints of the series don't allow for it.  To me, that's huge, and makes me somewhat disevow the voices of the characters in the toon...  It's like the constraints of video game EU, having to allow for the dynamics of the game, or the constraints of the movies themselves having to condense time so the movie flows better and more quickly.  IE: The trip to Bespin from the asteroid field was probably pretty long, but the films can't show it.  The Rebel fleet's trip to the DS2 was probably a good while (and thus the Rebels were on Endor a while), and the films just can't show it.  Those things have always been of interest to me because I never felt the movies conveyed time/distance well.

Likewise the toon has to rely on more english-speaking than is maybe desired, but because it's a kid's show, and kids can't necessarilly read quickly, the subtitles get shelved.  It makes me view some of the characters differently.  Like Bossk...  I didn't like Bossk talking.  I do like him growling/slithering with his noises like in ESB though, and I sort of take Filoni's comments to maybe mean he's viewing them as though they're speaking their native languages as well, not English.  I had hoped for more subtitles myself, but I guess that's one of those things they have to bend for the series regardless of how much sense it would make.
Title: Re: Dave Filoni Q&A's on
Post by: Jesse James on March 24, 2011, 08:52 PM
I thought I'd bump this since Dave Filoni did a Clone Wars Q&A Via His Facebook Page (!

Some cool notes...

-Twilight may be coming back...  Could a toy be far along then?

-YT-1300 could appear, but won't be the Falcon (YT-1300's are like flyshit, so I'm cool with this idea).

-Filoni not into having Han Solo appear...  Likes him being intro'd in the Cantina.  I couldn't be more on board with this thinking!

-3rd Ending to the Citadel story arc was Sobek reporting to Dooku they escaped, and Dooku having the Crab Droids execute Sobek for it.  Still wondering where the hell those droids came from though.

Good interview, I liked it.
Title: Re: Dave Filoni Q&A's on
Post by: McMetal on March 24, 2011, 10:54 PM
Yay, Twilight!
Title: Re: Dave Filoni Q&A's on
Post by: ysalamir on March 27, 2011, 10:26 PM
Some good Q&A.

No Aayla for a while though there is hope. Really though, one of the (selfish) reasons other than just liking the sexy blue babe is I want her to appear again so Hasbro might consider re-issuing the Clone Wars figure that's sooo ridiculously priced these days.  :o

I like the Ben Quadrinaros answer as well. That's a big if! :)