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Title: Ground Combat...
Post by: Jesse James on September 8, 2003, 10:00 PM
OK, now, being that I'm probably one of 23 people on Earth who gave Force Commander a glowing review, I'm probably in the minority as far as those who know the specifics of the game, but it brings about an interesting (to me anyway) topic on the original trilogy as I see it...

We see little on ground combat in the original films...  A commando assault on a small bunker entrance, and a "blitzkreig"-esque assault on a small defensive line whose job was just to hold up their opposition long enough for transports to take off.

Well, Force COmmander expands the area of ground combat in Star Wars some, and does it interestingly...  It shows some of the weapons of war that the Alliance use, as well as expands on the vast array of combat vehicles at the disposal of Imperial Generals and commanders.

What's your opinions or thoughts on ground combat in Star Wars then?  Have you played Force Commander to know of some of the vehicles?

What are some of your favorites if you know of any of the ground vehicles then?

Would you rather be with the Impy's or the Reb's if you had to choose one (Not morally/ethically, but which one would suit your "tactical" personality more)?

Yes, this topic is kinda lame, but I was just pondering Force Commander and how badly I want to make a fully mobile heavy tracked tank with full interior. :)  

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Title: Re: Ground Combat...
Post by: Vator on September 15, 2003, 11:08 AM
Empire,because I'm a real evil bastard in RTS games,balls to the wall hardline attack with nukes or death stars or heavy artillery.I hunt down citizens and enslave them,I burn monuments,and let my soliders piss on the enemys capital ranting a little huh?

Title: Re: Ground Combat...
Post by: Jesse James on September 15, 2003, 01:15 PM
Well, I certainly cannot argue with that...  In Force Commander, the Imperial missions are certainly the easier ones...  The Rebels have the bad end of the stick on supplies, overall power of their weapons, etc...  They, if used properly and in conjunction, can be very powerful, but there's a few levels where you're given a handful of troops and a vehicle or two, and that's it...  It's bogus.  The rebel troops can lob grenades and whatnot, but it's tough (to say the least) to get through these levels, much less get through them with vets to carry over to the next levels.

The Empire only is at a disadvantage early...  As the game progresses, they tend to gain momentum and their victory is inevitable, unless a lock has been placed on them bringing in more forces.

Oddly, when scouting/clearing the area for the shield generator on Endor, you're in the worst situation for the Empire.  The force you're dealt is the force you must win with (no reinforcements) and damned if those Ewoks aren't tough critters to beat.  Plus their boobytraps are everywhere, and it's tough to maneuver into position to destroy them without triggering one.  :(  

By the end of this seemingly simple mission I had one damaged AT-ST, no biker scouts, and only a handful of troops (3 I think) left...

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Title: Re: Ground Combat...
Post by: Vator on September 16, 2003, 11:37 AM
Ewoks are as tough as wookies in star wars games for some odd reason. ::)
Title: Re: Ground Combat...
Post by: Jesse James on September 16, 2003, 01:01 PM
It makes sense in a way, because they are a bit of a power in ROTJ...

In Force Commander it's not that they're "tough" per se...  They, when confronted by infantry for example, die pretty quickly, but their traps are a HUGE pain in t he rear, and they sort  of pop out of nowhere...  Their catapults, however, are tough and do fair ammounts of damage.

The fact you cannot call down ANY reinforcements makes it tough too.  They give you the bare minimum to complete the mission with, and if you flub up as you trek from one Ewok encampment to another, then you won't have enough soldiers/armor left to win the level.  It's one of the more tedious missions of Force Commander.

Though it's worth watching the Ewoks on Gliders get shot down pretty quickly.
Title: Re: Ground Combat...
Post by: Paul on November 5, 2003, 09:12 AM
Well it has been said either on this forum or others and maybe by Jesse himself, that the Ewoks are baed on the VC (only the VC didn't have Gliders)
And I mean the Pre-Tet VC.  They hit and strike leave booby traps all around, but when trapped in the open by a superior force (with no spider holes to burrow into) are easier to defeat.

At the time Force Commander came out, I didn't have a system capable of playing the game, so I can't tell you who I would rather be in the Missions.  But if we were fighting an even war on even ground, I'd take the reasoning follows:

1.  I don't buy into the Stormtroopers are Clones theory, but I do think that the Rebel Troops are more capable of Adapting to a Combat Situation.  Marching is only a way to get to the battle as a unit, once the bullets/laser bolts start flying it will be the more mentally tough that will be able to function in the fear and chaos.

2.  Leadership, it seems the Rebels have a better leadership program.(Even if it is based on the Operation Barbarossa theory of leadership where the officer leads from the front, has a High casualty count, and the new leaders prove themselves in the next engagement)  Imperial Leadership seems to be more concerned about their "Fear of Failure" than their "Commitment to Success".  Not to Say that some Imperials were not great leaders, but it is a TOP Down problem and affects even the troops the Great Leaders have to command.  Remember Rommel's Quote and I paraphrase, "The only problem with Italian Troops is their Leadership".

3.  The Rebels are Fighting for a Cause (not getting into good vs. evil here)  They have something to fight for and they see their sacrifice as being "worth" something.  

4.   Imperial Reliance on "Shock and Awe"...The Imperials seem to have a good (if not Excellent) First Strike capability.  The problem is, what if there is a Second line of defense, what if the First strike is not 100% successful?  I think a protracted planetside ground war is something that might very well show the flaws of Imperial Training...I liken them to Sprinters (with Blasters).

Ok I know NONE of these are Tactical Factors per se, but I think they form a foundation for my Tactial Arguements.....

5.  Using Hoth as an example or even Galactic Battlegrounds...The Rebels have a great Combine Arms mentality.  Snowspeeders (fighter bombers or Helicopter gunships), Laser Dishes (pocket artillery or even Anti Armor guns), Specialized ground combat troops. In Battlegrounds the HEAVY MECH of the Rebellion is a Multi-Wheeled APC.  Now it is definately no AT AT, but it has the same capabilities and is easier to manufacture.

6.  They are usually on the Defense, this puts them at a Strategic Advantage (again not Tactical) but the tactical aspect comes in play when you consider that if you have right terrain, knowledge of the terrain and decent Intel on the Opposing/Invading Force you can use it to your advantage.

Now that I have  decent computer I may have to go find Force Commander, so I can answer more fully.  Besides, I want a sneak peak of this Tank Jesse is gonna make.....