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Title: McFarlane Soul Calibur 2 Figures
Post by: BigDumbWookiee on September 10, 2003, 08:21 PM
Hey everyone,

Well, I ordered a set of six Soul Calibur 2 figures from Gamestop:

Spawn (Masked, exclusive to Gamestop)

Well, I got a shipment, and everything was messed up, I got three Nightmare figures, 2 Ivy and 1 Voldo. After about a week of writing and calling to complain, I got awesome news!

This week they are shipping all new figures to me, of the first five (Nightmare through Astaroth). Unfortunately they sold out of Spawn. But, I get to keep the six duplicate figures! They are shipping the new ones completely free of charge. And it gets better! To make up for the missing Spawn figure, they are going to send me the Spawn Series 24 boxed set absolutely free, when it comes out in October-November! It is an artistic representation of a Spawn cover - Hellspawn on Horseback, a $24.99 figure! :) I'm not too into Spawn, but that's pretty cool...

But alas, I now call for your help! I need the two Soul Calibur II Spawn figures:

Electronics Boutique Exclusive: Unmasked Spawn
Gamestop Exclusive: Masked Spawn

Would love as much help as I can get! :)
Title: Re: McFarlane Soul Calibur 2 Figures
Post by: Morgbug on September 10, 2003, 08:59 PM
I'll take a look and see what I can find.  Our EB's stopped carrying toys almost a year ago, so I haven't been in there in a while.  But given the game tie in, maybe they'll have these.  No Gamestop here, so I can't help there.  

Unmasked Spawn is on my hunting list.