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Title: NJO "Unifying Force" cameo (SPOILER)
Post by: proudfather2 on January 7, 2004, 03:25 PM
Was it just me or did any one alse get a little misty when Boba Fett and the Solos fought side by side(kinda), albeit briefly? It was so cool learning Fett was still alive and this time running with a group of Manolorian armor clad fighters. It was awesome when Fett and Han saved one another then Fett, in Slave 1, helped the Falcon escape (looks like Han owes Fett one). Definitely one of the coolest parts in the twenty two books.

What did you all think of this? Was it to your liking or would you have prefered Fett stayed dead?
Title: Re: NJO "Unifying Force" cameo (SPOILER)
Post by: Snively Bandar on January 9, 2004, 04:44 PM
I'm rather back and forth on the issue Todd.  In some respects, it was cool to see Han and Boba working together, and saving eachother's butts.  But it was kind of strange at the same time, and hard to really accept given their history.

Fun read though, despite not having read too much of the NJO series before.
Title: Re: NJO "Unifying Force" cameo (SPOILER)
Post by: dafoo on July 2, 2005, 11:56 PM
My opinion on NJO is not so high.

IT just wasn't quality, the stories most dragged along and had poor character development and were predictable.  Like killing Chewie, it was a dumb way to die, they just threw it in there to be like:

"Huh,you think we won't kill someone important?!  eh, well here!! *BANG* that's chewie, better be scared fro all the characters now!"

Or the constant introduction of (warning TREK term, lol) REDSHIRT Jedi in most books.  There just to have someone to kill at the end.

It had some great books though, "Enemy Lines" for one.  But alas, the started poorly and ended with extreme anticlimaticness, heh