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Title: News regarding EP 7,8,9 rumor (TV Series?)
Post by: Jim on January 22, 2004, 11:40 AM

BIG NEWS: Small Screen Star Wars
Thu, Jan 22, 04 12:45:08 AM EST

We may be able to shed some more light on the info indicating that Episode VII, VII, IX might happen. It may not be for a post-trilogy at all.
A year ago, we got our first report about the possibility of a TV show in the works after Episode III. We were not able to backup the info with other evidence, so it remained on the side and unreported... until recently.

We posted rumblings that Steven Spielberg might be involved in Star Wars post-Episode III and there must be something in the works, we got plenty of commentary. Then AICN posted the article about Pacific Digital and licensing agreements being extended, so many concluded that post-ROTJ films might be in the works. However, we also looked at our info from last year and believed we might finally have some proof of the initial report. We needed more.

We might finally have it. People we trust are telling us that there's a TV show on the design table. Instead of a Rogue Squadron series (which we first theorized some time ago), they may be looking at a post Episode 3 - pre Episode 4 about the rise of Darth Vader and why he is so feared in the OT.

We cannot confirm yet if the show is intended as live-action or animated (like Clone Wars). Since this is all in the early stages, it could change further down in pre-production. More as we get it - just thought you'd like to know what we're hearing.
Title: Re: News regarding EP 7,8,9 rumor (TV Series?)
Post by: Scott on January 22, 2004, 12:08 PM
Saw this this morning and was very intrigued, I have no interest in the Postquels, but this area between 3 and 4 (i think I had a thread on that before) is severely lacking...
Title: Re: News regarding EP 7,8,9 rumor (TV Series?)
Post by: Jesse James on January 22, 2004, 03:19 PM
I think an animated version of almost any era would have the potential to do well...  A Thrawn trilogy animated series...  Rogue Squad animated series...  In-betweenquals animated series...  

I don't know about live-action though.  Star Trek:TNG had wild success as a live-action series to an epic storyline because it had a freedom to branch onto various topics, and a big budget, as well as some pretty good actors involved.

It'd take a LOT to get that kind of quality again, and get it in a Star Wars series which will have more of a set story to it most likely.  

Animation would leave you many other options though, even the option of getting Mark Hammil on to voice Luke even, and possibly even Carrie Fisher or Billie Dee Williams...  Should you use these characters again of course.  James Earl Jones isn't exactly working his fingers to the bone either...  More voice over work perhaps.

Either way, I say almost anythign animated has a chance for greatness, especially after how I'm left wanting more from those CW shorts...  Live-action I think is doomed though, and I hope it's not the area they're looking into.
Title: Re: News regarding EP 7,8,9 rumor (TV Series?)
Post by: Scott on January 22, 2004, 03:49 PM
What's the gap between III and IV...20 years?  Thats a lot of time to EU the hell out of the whole deal

Timegap Between EpIII and EpIV (;action=display;threadid=3019)
Title: Re: News regarding EP 7,8,9 rumor (TV Series?)
Post by: Jesse James on January 22, 2004, 05:27 PM
Yeah it's something like that...

It's an era I've had particular interest in, but gets little attention.  I'm curious just when a true rebellion was formed, or when a declaration of Rebellion was made specifically to the Empire.  EU sources have it, just not a timeframe it was laid on an Imperial Desk, so to speak.

Could be a very "military" era though...  and war on a galactic scale certainly could conceivably last for close to 20 years (and beyond).  I'd imagine a lull after the Clone Wars ends before the Rebellion began though...  

Just speculation of course.  Fun speculation, but speculation nonetheless.
Title: Re: News regarding EP 7,8,9 rumor (TV Series?)
Post by: Brian on January 23, 2004, 09:22 AM
I kind of agree with those who would rather see an animated series.  I think it would be pretty great to have Star Wars in some form after the final movie, and I'm one of those who greatly enjoyed the Clone Wars shorts.  I think you could explore a lot of different areas, and I really think they would be popular if they included OT themes, characters, etc.  When it comes down to it, those are the people and areas that most people (and casual fans) associate with the most.  Everyone knows Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, Vader, 3PO, R2, Yoda, and Lando.  I'm not quite sure how live action would work out either, I guess you never know, I guess I'd just as soon see animated.  I'm one of those too who doesn't really want to see the "name" of Star Wars drug down by being "too much" what happened in some instances with Star Trek.