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Title: New JD Review: Tion Medon
Post by: Jesse James on June 2, 2005, 01:58 AM
The Pimpmaster of Star Wars may have been usurped...  Lando may have been dethroned.  The only cause could be an impressive pimp cane...  Tion Medon's got that!


Check the full review out Right Here ( and chime in with some thoughts on him.

I dig Tion...  He's not the most interesting guy to stick into a preview wave though, and his roll in the film is so brief and uninteresting that it's just rough to stomach that he was one of the preview wave.  How's this guy gonna make anyone pumped for Star Wars, ya know?  Hasbro does a boring "Senator" kind of figure much justice though, and that's good news.

But, with that said, he's an impressive sculpt, and he was a sign of great things to come for even the most dull of figures in the ROTS line-up.  Tion's sporting lots of articulation, a couple nice accessories...  That quality carried over, so that's a fantastic plus to us action figure fans.

So read, drink, and be merry... 
Title: Re: New JD Review: Tion Medon
Post by: bobafett14 on June 2, 2005, 08:16 AM
He's a good one, pretty nice sculpt and detail for an otherwise plain figure. and I too was dissapointed he didn;t get more screenplay, however, the more I think about it, anything more than his lines to Kenobi probably would have been overkill.

and yeah, a pimp cane can make all the difference ;^)  Having him open mouthed with that scowl showing off his wonderful dental work made this fig.  That was pretty sweet, nice attention to detail.  As a follow up down the road when they really get into secondary figs, I'd like to see those huge robed red guys that were walking around on Utapauu, if they keep them in scale those would be pretty sweet.

Title: Re: New JD Review: Tion Medon
Post by: Commander JediSearch on June 2, 2005, 10:22 AM
I actually would have completely agreed with you (about him being boring) before I saw the movie.  Now that I have seen the move, I view Tion in a totally different light, and I really like this guy.  I do agree that Hasbro did a fantastic job on the sculpt and paint.  I'm a little confused by the rifle accessory, I like your idea for a holo of the planet (that would have been cool).  They certainly could have made him more interesting and appealing that way.

Thanks again for another good review!

Side Note:  Cool, I just made Jedi Knight!   ;D
Title: Re: New JD Review: Tion Medon
Post by: Darth Broem on June 2, 2005, 11:07 AM
I really like him in the movie to.  I thought he might actually have an action scene with that rifle accesory.  I should have know that was just a thing Hasbro does to spice up figures.  Still it's a nice figure of Tion IMO. 
Title: Re: New JD Review: Tion Medon
Post by: Jesse James on June 2, 2005, 07:39 PM
Yeah, I wonder if he had a scene leading his "warriors" into battle now that the movie's out...  Makes one wonder anyway.  Chalk this one up to "stuff that we got that wasn't on-screen" I guess.  Like the Aerial Assault Clone, or Stass Allie on a BARC instead of a basic Speeder Bike.

Thanks for the responses...  I still think he's boring since his time in the movie was "meh", but I liked him in the film too.  I think Admiral Ackbar's boring overall but I couldn't be happy if he didn't have a figure.  ;D