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Updated ;) 2 loose tactical ops for a shadow trooper. PM if interested.

Modern Trading / Re: Attack on Coruscant for Jedi Temple Assault
« on: October 29, 2005, 11:02 PM »
Hey i got the Attack on coruscant clones not on box :( if u wanna trade PM back.

hello I need 2 storm trooper helmets for my hansolo and luke in stormtrooper disguise. Also if anyone can make me some nice looking ROTS headcasts. for Neyo, Cody, and that guy everyone calls commander Fox.
Email me to

Hello could some one help me I need 2 storm trooper helmets for my hansolo and luke in stormtrooper disguise. I got some parts if u guys wanta trade.
Check them out here

I have

***Ill trade both of this packs for a Rots MOB Gunship ***
Anakin To Vader Evolution
Jedi vs sith Battle Pack

2X #33 Red Clone Commander
#49 Commander Bacara
#56 Mustafar Sentry
#44 Destroyer Droid
#63 Neimodian Commander
#65 Tactical Ops
#64 R4-P17 variant with #68
Separation of the twins Obi-Wan
Separation of the twins Bail Organa


Bly's man (loose)
Brown Commander (loose)

For Pictures Click Here

Timothy Zahn Star Wars Specter Of The Past (in great condition)

*****  I need  *****

R4-G9 Sneak Preview (loose or carded) (Need Badly)
#6 Shocktrooper clone repaint
#5 Chewbacca (Priority)
#18 C3PO (Priority)
#45 Tarkin (Priority)
# 57 Bly
# 59 Gree (Priority)
# 60 Grievous Bodyguard
# 61 Passel Argente
# 62 Cat Miin
# 64 R4 P17
# 65 Tactical Ops Trooper (Many)
# 66 Plo Koon
# 67 Aayla Secura (High Priority)
# 68 Wookie Heavy Gunner
Target Clone Shadow Trooper
Target Collectors cases
Clone Evolutions
Jedi Temple Assault
Clone attack on Coruscant

Please PM if interested.
Trade Feedback

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