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Other Collectibles / Widevision Card Holders?
« on: February 26, 2009, 08:54 PM »
Are there any hard plastic cases for widevision cards available? Not the thin bendable ones, the kind with screws or magnets or that snap close. I visited several card stores with no luck. Are they even made, if so, where can I buy them?

Updated: Sold items removed. 2 items added

I accept PayPal payments.

POTF Leia Jabba's Prisoner   $3.50
POTF Luke Ceremonial       $3.50
POTF Grand Moff Tarkin    $3.50
Bend-Ems Leia                   $3.50
Bend-Ems Obi-Wan                $3.50
Bend-Ems Luke                $3.50
POTF Deluxe Probe Droid   $10.00
POTF Lando                $3.50
Interactive Yoda                $23.75
Jango Fett Gum Dispenser   $1.75
EP1 Deluxe Darth Maul   $7.00
EP1 Deluxe Obi-Wan   $7.00
Micro Machine Tie Fighter   $10.00
Micro Machines A-Wing   $15.00
Micro Machines B-Wing   $15.00
Metallic (Tin) Collector Card      $15.00
Electronic Rebel Blockade Runner   $23.88
Meal toy (Launching Ship)   $1.75
Meal toy (Darth Maul)   $1.75
Meal toy (Jar Jar)                $1.75
Meal toy (Emperor)      $1.75
Metallic (Tin) Collector Card    $15.00
EP1 Card Game    $11.25
M. Falcon Ship (Action Fleet mini) missing figs   $3.50?
Chewbacca Head missing figures..?   $1
Micro Machines Tie Bomber    $15.00
Galaxy Battle Collector Set   $12.50
Micro Machines Planet Hoth   $12.50
Micro Machines Space   $6.00
EP1 Qui Gon 12"     $13.88
EP1 Obi-Wan     $13.88
Klaatu Mug      $3.88
Amidala Portrait Edition (Black)   $13.88
Amidala Portrait Edition (red)                $13.88
Micro Machines Death Star                $18.88
Micro machines Millenium Falcon   $31.38
Special Edition Monopoly          $16.38
12" Obi-Wan & Vader   $13.75
Ewok Adventure: Caravan of Courage VHS    $1
Ewok Adventure: Battle for Endor VHS $1

Almost all the items are in their original package. Some of the packaging is worn. I can email pictures and answer any questions you have.

When you tell me what your interested in and where you live I can give you the exact shipping price. Shipping more than one item together can save you money on shipping costs.

Thanks for looking!

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