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More main hold detail:

As always, comments/critiques welcome!

More on the main hold:

As always, comments/critiques welcome!

A little more detail work on the main hold:

As always, comments/critiques welcome!

The deckplates were done courtesy of   They have some amazing things for dio builders, and I highly recommend them.

Mass production, right.  I haven't even been able to finish one yet! 

Got some more done on the main hold:

And, now that I've gotten a pressure pot built, I finally got around to getting the rest of the landing gear cast:

As always, comments/critiques welcome!

After getting all of the individual instrument panels made, I cast them in crystal clear, then used translucent paint for the buttons and lights.  This way, by using just clear LEDs, it gives the appearance of multiple bulbs.  Below are a few shots of the panels before casting:

Most of the painting and lighting finished on the cockpit:

pics back up, and thanks Jesse!

Ramp is pretty much done now, except for a few more details. What I ended up doing was to make a "cradle" for this section to rest in while I got all of the angles, etc. worked out, as well as a temporary guide on the upper portion to make sure the pistons stayed plumb while the ramp was being raised or lowered. Everything is just dry-fit for now, with brad nails serving as hinge pins for the bottom of the ramp pistons.

ramp separated, showing the hinges:

final views:

closed position, held in place by magnets

As always, comments/critiques welcome!

The boarding ramp is indeed operable. Hope to have some better pics up soon!

Finally back at this project after too long a hiatus. I realized that before I attached all of the lower structures, I'd better do the detail work on the boarding ramp while it was still easily accessible. The pics aren't the greatest, but I hope to have better ones up in a few weeks when this section is completed.

Star Wars Ships and Vehicles / No actual TIEs were harmed
« on: November 5, 2009, 09:40 AM »
Since the release of the TIE Fighter with the larger solar panels, I've been extremely bothered by the old ones hanging in my collection room, so I decided to cast the large ones in order to upgrade the old Saga/OTC version, then it dawned on me: By only partially filling the mold, I could have some seriously battle-damaged ships without actually destroying the original! Comments/critiques welcome!

Thanks for the comments, all, it's appreciated!  Jesse, it is indeed plexi-glass I'm using.  Why?  Well, it's failry durable and easy to work with, but fairly expensive. However since my family owns the local lumber yard, I've got access to tons of scrap stuff for free.  In the end it all comes down to simple economics (aka I'm a cheap @$#%)!

Long overdue update with some of the detail work on the cockpit console, as well as progress on the main hold and hull:

The BMF next to the main hold:

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