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Hear me out on this one.

I am a guy who generally opens every toy I buy and leaves almost nothing in the package, so buying repacks that come on cool TVC cards has not been too appealing.

I am also a guy who has stated I would happily pay around $20 a figure for a new subscription line of 3.75” super articulated figures designed for collectors.

The opportunity before me is to tell Hasbro they screwed up by boycotting the first two waves of the TVC relaunch, or realize that “buying in” to a relaunch of a non-exclusive line I really want is a steal priced at $12.99. Two waves of repacks will run about $110. With my previous comfort in paying $20 a figure for a hypothetical toy line, that $110 cost will be absorbed into the first 15-16 new sculpts I buy as the line continues. After that the line will be smooth sailing while enjoying continuous waves at $12.99.

All this is true even though I did manage to pick up an extras of 3.75” TBS from Walmart including two extra Reys, Finn, Poe, Kylo, and a bunch of Stormtroopers when they were marked down to $5.84 this past summer. It has been hard to overlook how excessive these new repacks will be, but I have pulled my head out of my butt and now I see the light.

Collections / Re: Displaying AT-ATs
« on: August 18, 2017, 08:30 PM »
I would agree that 3 AT-ATs are the general wish, but I'm curious if there were any purists why say 5 due to the establishing shot with 5 in the frame. Where did those two go anyway?

The thought of AT-STs is a unique one as they don't have the same group shot on Endor as the AT-ATs on Hoth. The cheap AT-STs at Walmart have promoted me to buy 3 for an Endor or Jedha scene.

Does anyone know the last time Ponda Baba was available on I have seen him up on Saturdays once in the morning at 8 a.m. Central Time and another at around 1pm or 2pm Central Time. Of course he's only there for 15 minutes though.
I swear it's been 2 months or so since I saw any of the websites post that he was actively available.

Collections / Displaying AT-ATs
« on: August 1, 2017, 09:41 AM »

I’m making this post as a general survey about how you as a collector would display a group of AT-ATs in any scale from micro machines, to Titaniums, to Action Fleet to model scale to the Kenner mold, or the big Hasbro mold.

If you were to display several AT-ATs together, how many do you picture needing to complete your scene?

Also reply with the same answer for AT-STs if you will.

Jocasta's Reading Room / Doctor Aphra
« on: June 20, 2017, 03:36 PM »
I wanted to see why so many people are so crazy about Doctor Aphra. I have read up through Vader Down and I will admit she is fun but I am not yet blown away. Does she get particularly awesome later on?

I don’t like her ship, I can say that. It seems like a run of the mill sci-fi ship.

The droids are kind of fun.

Are you going to include the fresher modified for Wookie physiology? #wookiedump

Other Collectibles / Re: BB-8 App Enabled Droid by Sphero
« on: June 12, 2017, 09:32 AM »
Does anyone know if the walmart interactive R2 interacts with the sphero BB-8?

Awesome, This is exactly what I wanted.

TFA is live. Now to find a cheap R1 code.

Ok, now to see if I am as smarter, or smarter than a fifth grader.

Is it a problem if I gave away my TFA Disney rewards points to a friend? Am I still connected with just the digital code?

Thanks Jeff!

Has anyone used a digital copy of TFA or R1 on  Amazon Fire, or Chromecast? I am presuming Disney will do a collector's version of Rogue One so I am holding out until this fall.
I would like to find a cheap digital copy provided that I can watch it on wither Amazon Fire or Chromecast.

Does anyone have any knowledge if this is possible? I do have the "big" Amazon Fire with the built in drive if that helps.

I opened my display stand that came with the Darth Vader figure this morning, and really like it.  I wish Hasbro would do more of this stuff, and for 3.75" figures as well.  Maybe they do pack-ins like this or mail-away deals, but it would be cool to do a new background (and maybe base) for each movie release, or at least periodically.

Nice work Hasbro!

What is the measurement on the size of the display? I'm still wondering if I have space for this.

This is a tough one.  And with movies coming at the pace that they are, the opportunities for reference books like the Incredible Cross Sections to take a deep dive with starship's like the Meson Martinet just don't seem to be there right now.  As it was, that ship just seemed like a very basic set: a bulkhead with a hatch and the loading ramp, with little else.  We never saw the entire ship.  I'm wondering if there might be something in The Art of The Force Awakens?

I'm pretty sure I scored that whole book, and the TFA cross sections book too. No luck.

I'm hoping the X-wing miniatures game might bust this mystery wide open by releasing a game version of this ship. I don't play the game, but love the rare ships!

I am looking for more details on this ship than what is present in the links below. Has anyone seen anything in the bluray extras or elsewhere?

I am considering making a toy of the ship, but I need better images. Everything so far is so sparse that I don’t even know where the cockpit sits.

Modern Trading / 2x TBS 3.75" Deathtroopers for Egon Spengler
« on: March 16, 2017, 03:24 PM »
I have two sealed 3.75” Walmart TBS Deathtroopers I will trade for the Egon Spengler from the recent Walmart Ghostbusters release. Egon can be shipped loose, he must include the ghost part and the stand issued with the figure.

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