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Star Wars Action Figures / Don's Customs
« on: March 1, 2006, 03:17 PM »
 I have been meaning to post my custom figures for quite some time, but have been busy. In fact I am actually writing you all from Iraq where I am serving with the US Army. (Please don't make this thread political, if you have a question or something you would like to say about Iraq feel free to PM, but I would like to see this thread stay non-political. I only mention Iraq because I think it's pretty amazing that I am able to post this from here.)
 Anyway, since I didn't actually bring my figures these aren't recent customs. I have had the photos with me, but just didn't make the time to post them.
 I am a big fan of Tatooine. So alot of these are Tatooine background style fan fiction.
 Some of you may remember the Sith Witch and Evil-Quay that I posted just before coming over here. I had planned to follow up so here is a follow up.
 Some Old school first. Anyone remember Stephen Hayford? He sculpted and cast these first two heads for me:

I call this guy my Tatty-Fatty. Mostly it's Wuher, the head is Porkins and the fur-lined hood is from that EU Obi-Wan figure from a couple years ago.

Another Wuher body, this time a Ketwal head.

And on a Bosheck body.

Some Rodians.

A couple of those Rodians don't fit the Tatooine theme of this post, but whattayagonnado?

Some type of pilot dude.

And here are some Weequay guards. First is the one from Jabbas palace, but with a belt and loin cloth upgrade from the Skiff Lando.

And a couple FanFiction Weequays.

 The shorty-quay is an Ugnaught lower body, and Skiff Lando upper body. I dremeled out the weequay head to fit the new ball jointed neck and sculpted the do-rag myself. His belt is also sculpted and the holster is from Skiff Lando. The other is mainly just Weequay with a jedi skirt and new paint job.
 It's late, gotta get to bed. I look forward to hearing from you all!

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