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Customizing Tips and Tricks / BPI Tinting Unit
« on: October 19, 2007, 11:33 PM »
A lot of you guys have been asking about a tinting tutorial. I really don't have a way of putting togther one that most of you would be able to implement, at least not without a heavy financial investment.

I have a proffesional optical lab at my disposal. The equipment I use in a BPI tint unit or system, the BPI Super Color 9 to be specific.

Here's a pic of the unit.

Each of the nine tanks holds a different dye or solution. You can get just about any color tint you want from BPI. My tank has the following colors in it at all times.
 Jet Black, Pink, Blue, Brown, G-15(The Color of Green Ray-Ban Lenses),
Supershield Red (Very Vivid Red), Yellow, UV(For making Sunglasses), and Neutralizer(Bleach).

All of the Tints are Molecular Catalytic Tints. They bond with the plastic on a Molecular level, so they retain their color much longer than RIT Dyes.

The tints are kept at a constant temp all the time about 110 degrees

When trying to achieve a certain color for a plastic I'm dyeing, It's a lot like mixing paints to achieve a certain color. Remember your color wheel.

Not all plastic types tint at the same rate. So, if I'm tinting a Bigs Jacket Orange, I take all the pieces apart first so I can control the time each piece stay in the tint vat. The softer rubbers tend to tint much faster than some of the harder plastics.

Painted surfaces also affect the tint color. A lot of the paint Hasbro uses will not take tint or it tints much slower then the unpainted plastic. Another interestinf thing about the painted surfaces bleach out very fast. On my Twi Lek brute the paint was easily brought back to it's original coloring with a quick dip in the neutralizer. That's how I maintained the coloring of the Teeth and eyes.

This system uses a lot of different chemicals and heat, I do not suggest you try it at home. But if any of you have a friend in the Optical business, ask them if they could show how the system works. If they are in a more laxed work enviroment maybe they'll let you come back a tintker aroungd with the tints yourself.

The tinted plastics are safe. It is the same stuff you wear on your face in your sunglasses.

I don't know if this will actually help anyone but I tried.

Photonovels and Movies / Empire of Dust: Prologue
« on: September 16, 2007, 10:44 AM »

Hey Hasbro! / I'm Calling Hasbro Out!
« on: August 19, 2006, 10:00 AM »
I think it's more than a little funny how small companies like 21st Century Toys can produce a large vehicle like thier 1:18 Avenger with a 3 man crew to boot. But, hasbro still insist that their production cost would be too high to produce the AT-TE. Surely there pruduction cost would be much lower than 21st Century's.

I say Shinanigans Hasbro Shinanigans!!

Give us our AT-TE

I could not find a proper thread to post this in so I started  a new one. If the Mods. have a better place for it feel free to put it were it should be.

Here is a little mini-tutorial, on useing my patented Rubber Gasket Technique to attach ball-socket shoulders to non-ball-socket torsos.

Step-1 Assemble Parts
Step-2 Dremel Socket in Torso
I use a cone-shaped grinder bit for this. I also grind a small valley just under the arm-pit so the arms fold down flat against the torso and don't stick straight out from the sides.

Step-3 Making a Rubber Gasket
For this I use the rubber caps from Zoids model kits. I slice the cap in half with my hobby knife. If you drill a hole in the closed half of the cap you can make two gaskets using only one cap.

Step-4 Place the Gasket Over the Plug of the Ball-Socket Joint.
This is were the Zoids cap is the perfect choice for this technique. The rubber is very stretchy and stretches over the plug very easily. The shape of the plug insures that it will not back out of the gasket easily.

Step-5 Plug the Shoulder Into the Torso
This is a very tight fit. I use a small sculpting tool to push the excess rubber of the gasket into the torso. Any small blunt tool should work, just be careful not to use something too sharp or you'll pierce through the rubber gasket.

Here are the end results.

I hope this helps

Site Feedback, Suggestions, and Help / JD Chat Room Concerns
« on: July 13, 2006, 07:16 PM »
I can not get the JD Chat room to work for me. It worked fine before. Did something change? I need help I'd like to make the UGP descussion tonight.

Saga Collection '06 / Who wants resculpts?
« on: July 12, 2006, 11:40 PM »
I've found since Hasbro has been making an extra effort to apeal to collectors lately, there are some nit picky things I'd like to see fixed or changed.

1. The helmet of the VOTC Stormtroopers is based on the ROTJ version of thier helmets. I prefer the look of the Stormtrooper helmets in episode IV. There are also additional paint aps on the Episode IV versions on the grill of the helmet. Another thing that bugs me about the VOTC Stormtroopers is the hip articulation. Please fix this so my Stromtroopers don't sit like little girls.

2. The Saga TIE Fighter Pilot, there is virtually no detail in the helmet sculpt at all. Just compare it to the AT-AT Drivers halmet and you can tell it's obviously lacking. I'd like to see this figure resculpted and redecoed with gray helmet marking matching the TIE Fighter Pilots in EpisodeIV.

These 2 figures just seem to be lacking given Hasbros current level of quality, and I'd like to see them redone. 

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / UGP Fodder Needs:
« on: July 6, 2006, 05:18 PM »
I'm starting this Thread so that we can start getting the raw materials to the right customizers for this project. Everyone who is contributing to this project please post your fodder needs. Everyone who is not contributing customs to this project but would like to help please donate fodder to our customizers. The price of making theese customs can be pretty high, so any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Yesterday a lightning storm fried my mouse and eithernet connections. So, I'll have to bring my computer in for repairs. I'll try to keep up with everyone while at work, but since I'm pretty much slammed the entire time I'm there I won't be doing much posting. I will continue to work on customs but it'll be a while before I can get the pics online. I'm currently working on a large project that I can't wait to show you guys. I hope to be back up and runnig very soon.


I know we are a pretty small community, so I thought someone might know who made these Custom AT-RT Drivers. I paid for 2 of them 2 weeks ago and have not heard from the seller since. I have sent multiple messages with no response. If anybody knows this customizer, please let them know I have been trying to contact them, I always give people the benifit of the doubt, but  after 2 weeks I'm getting a little nervous. Here's a pic of the customs.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Customizer's Block???
« on: June 3, 2006, 12:07 AM »
I spend a lot of time rumaging through my fodder bins, trying to come up with new ideas for customs. I stick a lot of different parts together trying to find something that works and looks cool. It's my way of Brainstorming. Sometimes I come up with really cool ideas, but I just don't know where to go with it. Case in point, here are 3 great looking heads that have been on my WIP bench for months, and I just can't figure out what to do with them as far as the bodies go.

 They are in WIP Limbo. I would appreciate any sugestions, but what I'd really like to know, is how many of you get Stuck with the same Great Ideas, but no where to go with them, and how do you deal with it? :-\

Vintage Trading and Classifieds / Fritzkrieg's Shopping List
« on: May 7, 2006, 09:43 PM »
Here are some Items I am looking for.

1. X-Wing Laser Cannons POTF of Vintage Style
2. Falcon Quad Laser Cannon
3. Cloud Car Canopy

Please PM me with your price if you have any of these parts available.

An uncle of mine Opened a local Custom Model Car Shop. Being a Police officer, he has carved himself a nice little Market Niche creating Custom police Cars for Local Cops. It also helps, his shop being located right next to the Police Uniform and Supply store. I wanted to Try making some Accurate Police Officers to go along w/ his Custom 1:18 Scale Police Cruisers. The Only Problem I'm having, is finding good Fodder Sorces to Use to make these Customs other than the El'cheapo Dollar store Figs.

I need something w/ the Accuracy of the 21st Century Lines. If anyone has any Ideas, I could use some advice.

I've alway been a Die Hard 3 3/4" Action figure Collector. But, So Much of the Sci-Fi Media That I love So Much Has Never received the  Proper Toy Lines they So Richly Deserves. So What I want to Know is which Sci-Fi Toy Lines are on Your  3 3/4" Wish List.

Mine Are:

1. "Aliens" They had an Interesting 5" Scale Line. But it did not Satisfy my Die Hard 3 3/4" Collecting Obssesion. Hopefully This Wish Will Come True. I saw some Pics From the Hong Kong Toyfare, and in Some of the Pics Blurry Images of 4" Colonial Marines Could be Seen in the Background. But, Until I can Hold them in My Hands their no more Confirmed to me as BigFoot or the Lock-Ness Monster.
 I really Need some 3 3/4" Colonial Marines.

2. "StarShip Troopers" This Movie Had some Great Sci-FI Designs. They Also Had a Toy Line But again it Was in the Wrong Scale, I fact I think the Line Was Made in 2 Scales One Action Fleet Scale and the Other about 5"'s. The 5" line was way too Cartoony for my taste.

3. "BattleStar Galatica" A NeoClassic 3 3/4" in Line would be awsome. I loved the Original Toy Line from the 70's, Although The Human Characters Looked Like Crap. If It Was Made Today You Could Really Have Excellent Looking Versions of Your Favorite Characters.

4. "Space Above And Beyond" This Would have Made a Great Toy Line. The Vehicles and Aliens are Some of the Best Designs to come Out of Sci-FI Televison In the 90's

5.  "Masters of the Universe" The Movie. I know that Movie was Total Crap but I have to have an Army of Skeletor's Black Armored Troopers.

Thats My List, Please LMK yours

I stopped at one of Walmarts I Drop By every Morning on my route to work Yesteday, and was thrilled to see that 2 Fresh Cases of the Coruscant wave had been Stocked on the Pegs. So, Naturally me being an army Builder, I Started Shuffeling Through for Cody and the U.Clones. But to my Disapointment the Cody's had been replace with the UGH Fett and snow Trooper :-[ Cody Being Packed 1 Per Case in this Asst., I thought it Was a Pretty Lame Call on Hasbros Part. I Really Feel bad for the Guys Who've Bought These Cases over the Internet and lose out on the Figs they really Want for a Lame  UGH Fig that They have Like 20 Versons Of Allready. I was Wondering how many of you have had the Same Problem?

On a Brighter Note, I once found the Coruscant Asst. Packed with an Extra UGH Cody in addition to the Reg. Cody, That Was a Great Score ;D

Modern Trading / Have UGH Scorch X2
« on: April 19, 2006, 07:28 PM »
I have 2 Ultimate Galactic Hunt Scorches Up for Trade.

I Need:

VOTC Biker Scout (Priority)

Target Exclusive Grievous

Target Exclusive Senate Skirmish

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