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Vintage Kenner / revenge of the jedi card backs
« on: April 24, 2006, 11:02 PM »
First post so I hope the answer to this wasn't overlooked in my search.

were all the revenge of the jedi free figure offers on the ESB figure cards for nein nunb?
I've looked around ebay and a few other sites and that is all I seem to find.

the boba fett cardback I have has Admirall Ackbar on it and so far I can't find another one with him on it.

are these worth any money, all of the area behind where the figure would be mounted is torn off, like they seemed to do back then, but otherwise the card is in EC with some slight wear on the edges and someone wrote 2:14 and 1:00 on it in the silver band that runs around the card.

I'd post a pic, but I am not very net savy.  :-[
thank you for the time and help in advance.

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