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I know there's already separate threads on the SDCC stormy and the shadow stormy, but this is a little different.

For the record this is my first official post, and I'm happy to join this community of collectors!

First a little background to this post (pls bear with me, it'll be short and painless, and hopefully it's worth it haha)

I'm from Vancouver Canada, and it seems here the figures that I like are never to be found in quantities greater than 1, or are not stocked at all.  And like most of you, I absolutely crave clones and stormtroopers, but can never get my hands on them in retail.  I have a pretty small collection of troops (usually just 1 of each), and this is only because my uncle has connections with Hasbro and from time to time mails them to me from Hong Kong.

So last week he gave me a heads up that he's sending 2 figures my way, and I was thinking all week long what troops he'll be sending my way.  In the past I've gotten a VOTC stormy, ROTS #6 clone, and even the EE SA colored clones 4 pack.  This time I was hoping maybe it'll be a the utapau clone and cody, but when I opened the package today I was just speechless.....

I've read about these exclusives on this forum and others but I never thought I would ever own them, let alone before everyone else, since normally the figures he sends me are older lines/collections.

It's really too bad since the figures were slightly damaged in the mail; the star cases were bent and had crazing marks, and the SDCC stormy's card was creased  :( 

But I'm not complaining, I'm one happy collector today and these pieces are my favorite for now!  The SDCC stormy looks awesome and even damaged I find myself very reluctant to open it!

Now... I gotta go track down Crimsom Empire and learn more about that shadow stormtrooper!  Hopefully I haven't bored y'all to death...

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