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Modern Classifieds / Figs and Ships for sale...
« on: May 12, 2003, 03:07 PM »
Selling everything I have,, Prices are in CND funds.. will except money orders in Canadian funds only....
Email me if you like something
make me an offer...

Vader Loose $4 carded $5
Mace $4 carded
Taun-We $4 carded
Dexter $4 carded
Jar-Jar Loose carded
Jango Final Battle $4 carded
Chewbacca Bespin $4 carded

ESP1 carded...
Senatort Palpatine X2 CARDED $3 each 1 LOOSE $2
Padme Naberrie X2 CARDED $3 each 1 LOOSE $2

Boba Fett with that bounty hunter back pack thingy $5
Prince Xizor $3
FlashBack Anakin $3
Ben Kenobi $3
Oddy Mandrell $3
Chancellor Valorm $3
Endor Soldier X2 SAGA $3 EACH
Reek $5
Dirty 3P0 $3
Force Flipping Dooku $4
SnowTrooper X2 $2.50 Each
OOM-9 $3
Battle Droid with back pack not complete $4
Battle Droid $3
Zam Wessel Sneak Peak $4
Han Solo Endor SAGA $3
Leia Bespin Escape $3
Orn Free Ta $3
Leia Jabba Prisoner $3
Geo Warrior X2 $3 each
Jawa 2 pack X2 $3 each
Padme arena $3
Shaak Ti $3
Lumina Undili $3
Obi Chase SAGA $3
Tantive IV Trooper $3
Leia sporting rifle $3
Anakin Hanger Duel SAGA $3
R5-D4 $3
R2-D2 Pop up Sensor $3
R2-D2 Sentry SAGA $3
Stap $6
Spirit Obi Wan $5
POTF YODA with Back Pack $3
C3P0 with coverings SAGA $3
Qui Gon SAGA $3
Super Battle Droid battle Damage $3
Geo Warrior with Massiff $3
Kit Fisto SAGA $3
Plo Koon SAGA $3
Saesee Tiin SAGA $3

Lukes Sand Speeder complete SAGA $8
Slave-1 SAGA $10
Naboo Fighter ESP1 $10
Anakins PodRacer Complete $10
Jabba with Frog type creatures $6
Obi-Wan Electronic Money box The one that you can pulg into Maul and Qui-Gon $10

Newbies / Hi there,,,
« on: March 13, 2003, 03:08 PM »
Ok so what do I write now, um I am an English man living in Canada, Eh!!.. I stumbled accros this site just two days ago and thought I would check it out, I love SW (Duh!), and I love to draw, I have put a link to some of my pic in the Fan Art section, please let me know what you all think, I love to get peoples opinions. I am married to a wonderfull wife who not only excepts my SW craze but she goes out of her way to get me things. I love to trade, and just started collecting again, I sold all my vintage some years ago for 3000 pounds. I hate to think what it would be worth now.. (Oh the pain, the pain of it all), (sorry wrong fan forum).. Well thats about it, I am 28 going on 7.
God bless,..

Fan Art / My art, hope you like.
« on: March 12, 2003, 12:19 PM »
Hi there, this is my first post on this forum, just registered today, thought I would my homepage up for people to check out my art, visit,    check out the art section and also the Luke/Vader Bespin Duel pumkin I carved last year, hope you like it..
God bless,

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