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Watto's Junk Yard / A nice way to complete your collection...
« on: July 22, 2008, 01:36 PM »
...if you have 150,000 sitting around for this TIE Fighter.


I'm looking for the following. Loose but in mint/great condition would be best to save on shipping... with the accessories but you can keep the coin, I don't need them... in the packaging is cool too if the shipping is low. Prices negotiable, make me an offer! :)

Only looking for modern Saga TAC etc ones (not POTF or w/e)

Order 66 Palpatine
Vader's Secret Apprentice as a Sith Lord (from the 3-pack)
Legends Shadow Stormtroopers
TAC Stormtroopers (preferably in multiples of two so I can keep my line in order)
AT-ST Driver (from Battle Pack)
Admiral Ozzel
EVO Troopers
Emperor's Shadow Guards
Red Royal Guards

Also potentially interested in customs of classic-era or EU Imperials. A custom of a stormtrooper officer would be excellent.

I don't collect or want vehicles, so if someone out there wants the Shadow bike but not the Shadow Scout trooper, perhaps we could come to an arrangement so that we both get what we desire. It's currently for sale at StarwarsShop for around $25. I could paypal you a reasonable price - $10-12 seems fair for the figure plus shipping - and then you could order it from SWS, and when it arrives send me the figure and his little scout pistol. You keep everything else - I don't care about the bike, packaging, whatever else the set contains.

Alternately, if anyone has this guy for sale loose (without the bike) please PM me. :)

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