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Hey everybody. Just found out about this site. I'm just gonna copy and paste my Yakface posts into this topic. I had to post them in segments in order for them to show up. Hope you enjoy.

Darth Nemo Dak

In Legacy #27, the spine of one of the giant leather-bound books Wyyrlok is looking through says in Aurebesh "Darth Nemo Dak". That's all the canonical information about him. I decided to make a Darth Nemo Dak, but I didn't want him to look like just another black-cloaked or black-armored Darth Whoever. Also, I feel like a lot of sith would be right at home in any Dungeons-and-Dragons Fantasy setting as long as they had a sword or battle axe or something. I didn't want that for this guy. Anyway, here he is. I would imagine he talks like Dr. Strangelove.

He's made from the new Trinto Duaba, which I think is appropriate. Duaba species was "Stennes Shifter", which I think makes for a good sith because they sort of hide in the force. Also, the Stennes sector was prominent in the old TOTJ comics, and I wanted this guy to be from a few thousand years back. His coat is from Cade, and his hat is from the new Ki-adi. The goggles are from TLC Luke, the big metal cowl is from that concept rebel trooper, and the backpack/tube thing is from the concept starkiller hero. Fun custom to make.


The Sith Order


The left picture is how Ajunta Pall's spirit appears in Kotor, the right picture depicts Pall upon arrival on Korriban, before he was the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Rahm Kota head w/ sculpy mask, Darth Maul hood, McObiWan Torso, Darth Bane upper sleeves, Palpatine lower sleeves, McObiWan belt, Maleval legs. Carnor Jax weapon w/ one of the blades reversed.
Because Ajunta Pall just uses the generic Dark Jedi skin in KOTOR, I decided to stick with that basic idea but make him more of an individual. I didn't like my first Ajunta Pall that much, either. This one also has his ancient lightsaber with a power cable. The Cable is a thin piece of wire.

Darth Andeddu

Rebel commando luke with DE luke thighs, rahm kota shoulders, Maleval waist-dealie, AoD Deadite head with custom hat. I’ll switch his hands out for Palpatine’s when I get a pair. MAGNIFICENT, ISN'T IT? Heh.

Now, what I think would be utterly badass would be to keep Andeddu's Undead-Mummy-Egyptian-Pharaoh theme going by giving him the scepter he wields against Darth Wyyrlok as well as his lightsaber. If I can figure out how to position his arms right, I'm dying to have him holding the scepter and saber just like the old Egyptian Pharaohs were depicted holding the crook and flail.

Naga Sadow

Hat: Baron Pampanoida (spelling?)
Head: Some Chinese-looking Pirates of the Caribbean figure
Torso: Darth Maleval, who begs to be made into Naga sadow cuzza the "eye" on the breastplate.
Arms: Some GI Joe
Armor Skirt Thing: Female black-and-gold Pirates figure
Legs: Ugha Warrior and Shadow Guard w/ cairo thug sandals
Cape:Infinities Vader cape dyed red.
Sword: Geonosian Wing

Freedon Nadd:

Mostly Imperial Knight, greaves from concept Vader and head from concept Obi-Wain. Helmet is from Utapau Security. I made his orange lightsaber and shoto (a la KOTOR II) by using orange sharpie on the imperial knight blades.

Exar Kun:

Mostly Skorr and Mandalore, with the ball-pivot legs from obi-Wan in clone armor.

Ulic Qel-Droma

Evolutions Secret Apprentice with Antares Draco


"Darth Hayze" (Maybe not a DLOTS, but still had to be done. My girlfriend likes him too.)

He was pretty difficult. I'll start from the top down. His helmet is Durge's helmet from the comic pack with the faceplate removed, with Darth Talon's lekku for horns. I cut off EVO Qui-gonn's face and glued on Moff Tarkin's to make the head. His body is EVO Darth Maul, with some minor alterations and elastic bands added. His belt is Mandalore's shoulder pad and Darth Vaders codpiece, and his tattered cloak is from the Jabiim Anakin comic pack. His arm is a cross between the Jabiim droid's arm and Carnor Jax's, with an EVO Anakin hand. His legs are the ball-hinged legs of the VOTC-style Luke, with the Jabiim droid donating everything below the knee.

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