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Watto's Junk Yard / My Big Break? (has to do with movies)
« on: July 16, 2003, 12:14 AM »
   Okay, okay, you'll probably laugh at me, but this was where I waned to post much more than "you know where" as the community over there is mostly phony and annoying.  (Sorry to all full-time RS'ers-what are you doing here?)

   Anyway, the other night, my friend and I decided to make a Lego Studios movie . . . (We're thirteen and had nothing better to do . . . Go Figure.)  Anyway, we got really involved with the script and did a lot of camera movement and action sequences in great detail.  My friend's dad is the driver of carriages at the local Newport on the Levee.  (Err . . . puller . . . whatever)  And just as he was getting ready for a ride, his daughter (my friend) told him about the script.  And wouldn't you know, the person who was in the carrage was an aspiring director.  He looked at what we had, and told us to finish it and he'll consider it as a script.  (With a few changes, of course.) YAY!

   Okay, I know it probably won't go through but I just thought I'd share a cool incident.  Laugh all you want.  

Newbies / Another Piece of Rebelscum Comin At Ya!
« on: July 1, 2003, 03:12 AM »
   Hi all!  This is place is really cool!  Much better than over "there."  The community seemed kind of artificial of there, so I decided to make the switch to JediDefender and I am a lot happier here.  Here's my basic info:

   Name:  Drew
   Age: 13  (Just turned 13 on June 29th)
   Favorite Light Side Star Wars Character:  Obi-Wan
   Favorite Dark Side Star Wars Character: Jango Fett
   Favorite SW Movie: Return of the Jedi
   Favorite Non-SW movie:  Lord of the Rings-Fellowship
   Phobia:  Snakes (ophidiophobia) Severe case!
   Least Favorite Movie:  Treasure Planet
   Other Obsessions:  CCGs, TCGs, RPGs
   Cool Fact:  I have the Saga Figures I do not have open (a couple) hanging around my wall (includes some extra PoTJ I got from my friend for free.)

   Glad to see a lot of "other place"-ers over here.  Especially Jango Fettish, whom I never really talked to directly but I always marveled at his Jango collection.  ;D

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