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In examining these new pics that have come up today, I noticed that the little character manifestos that they printed on the cardbacks are extremely idiotic and poorly written. Check this out, from the Darth Vader card:

"Darth Vader is a part of the evil Empire. He is powerful in the ways of the Force but uses his skills to do terrible things. He helps the Emperor control the galaxy. When he meets Luke Skywalker, he tries to convince Luke to join him and together rule the galaxy, but Luke resists and eventually helps Vader see that the galaxy needs to be saved from the Emperor."

That's right, it does say "galaxy" three times. With the present tense and the choppy sentences, it sounds like a second grade report of an ROTJ picture book. I know these are toys intended for kids, but come on. Do they have to sound like children wrote them? What high school dropout is working for Hasbro and how can I get his job?

Read through the other cardbacks, they're equally as bad.

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