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Collections / Bobafreaks collection
« on: January 6, 2004, 12:59 AM »
Hi my name is bobafreak, (named by Jeremy himself). I  was 4 when A New Hope came to my town and have been collecting ever since. I've read so many times in these forums how the picks are only some of the collection. The rest is still in boxes, and someday I'm gonna get a house with a basement all for Star Wars. That was my plan too, but 2 years ago I bought a house (best displayable basement of all the houses we looked at) I brought the collction, 2 - 26' U-hauls in all, and proceeded to display, then condense, then rebox then store all over again. here are some pictures of my collection, but unfortunately, a large bulk of my collection is in the garage and shed.  

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