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Looking for these Clone Wars Animated figures loose and complete... would like to buy all from one person if possible:

1 Commander Cody
1 Captian Rex
1 30th Anniversary Jango Fett
2 Clone Wars "Newbie" Troopers
5 212th Battilion Clone Troopers
5 Legacy Red Battle Droids
5 Super Battle Droids
35 AT-TE Animated Assault Squadron Troopers
40 Plain Clone Wars Battle Droids

Please e-mail me if you have these figures with your prices.

- Jim

Who on the forum is making the highest quality custom cards for people???

I'm also looking for someone that is selling different size bubbles?

- Jim   

Modern Classifieds / WTB: Empty Hasbro VOTC "Star Cases"
« on: August 29, 2004, 06:52 PM »
If you have any of the empty Hasbro clear "Star Cases" from the VOTC figures you've opened, I'd be interrested in them if they're in really nice condition!      I especially want some that had the Ben figures in them without the warnig sticker on the inside.

Please e-mail if you have any you'd like to let go of!

I'm also looking for a Hasbro cardboard shipping case that the VOTC "ROTJ" wave of figures were shipped in!      I think it's case # 85213 - Wave 5.     Very nice condition prefered as I like to use them for storage.

- Jim


I have 1 brand new clear acrylic display case for sale made for the vintage MOC Star Wars figures and other similar sized MOC figures.

I'll take $12.50 total which includes the shipping charge.

It was made by "Oscars Cases" and is the "Classic Style" with black slide bottom and rounded top edges.

The inside depth is 1 5/16".

Please send me a Private Message if interrested.

I do accept Paypal.

- Jim

P.S.    The 2 MOC Kubrick cases have sold.

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