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C3-PX: Right & Left Arms & Head
Black Death Star Droid: Right Arm

Henry Jones: Mint on Card
Vintage Ceremonial Belloq in Mail-away box (in storage somewhere in this house!)

Bunch of loose clones and misc troopers, all eras (not got the list together)

Loose\Complete (no IJ artifacts):
German Soldier
Grail Knight (no grail or sword)*
The Horse

Thugee Medallion X2
Eye of the Peacock diamond
Spear of Destiny spear head*
Grail tablet
Egyptian Ankh Cross*

Order form with 1 sticker

*these items are on their way to me, I don't have in hand yet, I should have in hand by early next week)


Spider Droid

Vintage Kenner Indiana Jones (displayable condition, doesn't need to be complete)
2003 Disney White Shirt Indiana Jones  (carded or complete)

Funerary Mask (from Cemetary Warrior)

Lite up Crystal Skull keychain
(click to see amazon's pic, Hasbros Spalko pack in, is poorly done)

Modern Classifieds / Boxed sets, Creatures & Troop Builder Sets
« on: February 8, 2007, 09:15 PM »
Well, here is the start of my sale. I'll probably post
a little each week as I go through things. Prices do
not include shipping.
I'm not really looking for much now, except a Sith
Eyes ROTS Anakin (loose prefered), The Burnt Anakin EE
Mini-bust, the Art of Return of the Sith book, and the
new TAC (The Anniversary Collection) figures. I'll take
Money Order or Pay Pal as payment.

Boxed Sets (MIB unless noted)
Entertainment Earth 4 pack Clean Colored Clone
Troopers $35
Entertainment Earth 4 pack Clone Troopers (boxed but
opened) $30
-Contains 3 dirty White Clones and one clean White

Death Star Escape Cinema Scene $12
Cantina Showdown Cinema Scene $8
Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene $14
Mynock Hunt Cinema Scene (crease in wondow) $12
Purchase of the Droids (opened, no Uncle Owen) $3
Mos Espa Encounter Cinema Scene $5
Jedi Council Scene 1 $14
Jedi Council Scene 2 $14
Jedi Council Scene 3 $14
Jedi Council Scene 4 $14

Creatures (loose\complete with box)
Faamba (box not in best shape, gungan staff broken)
Falumpaset with Ammo wagon (Tri-logo Box) $12
Episode 1 Jabba with 2 headed Anouncer (Tri-logo) $12

Prices negotiable, photos available upon request

Modern Classifieds / SW books & comics 4 sale
« on: October 7, 2006, 12:16 PM »
Here are some books I need to clean out. I am looking for the "Art of Episode 3" Hard cover and the "Star wars sketchbook" from '77-'78.
Prices do NOT include shipping. (will ship media mail)

Industrial Light and Magic: Into the Digital Realm  $12   retail $50-$75   
Star Wars Encyclopedia (dust cover torn)   $8   Retail $50   
A Guide to the Star Wars Universe  $3   Retail $11   
Vector Prime 1st Printing  $12   Retail $25   
Star Wars: the NPR Radio Drama (book)  $3       
Star Wars Episode 1 Ltd ed. 5000 Signed by Terry Brooks  $30   Ret: $75   
The Art of Dave Dorman (Signed)   $20       
Star Wars: clone Wars TPB V1-5  $12 ea     
Star Wars: clone Wars Adventures V1-3 $5 ea     
Dark Empire TPB shelf wear, rip on back cover  $4       
Dark Empire 2 TPB   $5       
Matrix Comics V2 w/ Matrix online issue 1  $18 retail $22 &$6

Star Wars Masterpiece Editions (from 12" figure sets, book only)
Aurra Sing: Dawn of the Bounty Hunters  $13       
Anakin Skywalker: the Story of Darth Vader  $13       
C-3P0: Tales of the Golden Droid  $13

Modern Classifieds / A bunch of loose stuff and some carded
« on: September 12, 2006, 10:04 PM »
Some loose stuff....Shipping not included. Don't like the price, make an offer....
Vintage                       PRICE
Chewbacca loose limbs broken Gun                 $3.00
Boba Fett (no gun) scuffs & dirt                        $6.00
8-D8-white - stiff joints             $4.00
Hammerhead (no gun) loose arm & head                      $4.00
Snowtrooper gun                      $1.00
Stormtrooper- white - stiff joints.minor scuff, dirt                        $6.00
DIE-CAST Slave 1                  $12.00
Power of the Force 2             
Stormtrooper Luke                   $3.00
Endor Han-Blue Pants              $3.00
Bespin Han                   $3.00
E1:European (no commtech)             
Darth Maul (Sith Lord)-soft goods                    $3.00
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Knight)soft goods                     $3.00
Pit of Carkoon, Blue Fett                      $6.00
#02/22 - Anakin Skywalker - Hanger Duel-plastic peg              $3.00
#02/29 - Luke Skywalker - Bespin Duel-mag   Change: broken antennae          $5.00
#02/29 - Luke Skywalker - Bespin Duel-peg    Change $6.00
#02/44 - Ki-Adi-Mundi - Jedi Master  Change $4.00
Original Trilogy Collection               
OTC Luke Skywalker (Pilot) (new paint)          Repaint $5.00
OTC-38 Imperial Trooper (A New Hope )        Repaint $6.00
Sneak Preview Wave             
General Grievous                      $3.00
Deluxe Figures:                     
Luke Skywalker with Desert Sport Skiff                       $4.00
Han Solo with Smuggler Flight Pack                  $4.00
Crowd Control Stormtrooper               $4.00
Electronic F/X figures                       
R2-D2 F/X                  $4.00
Emperor Palpatine                    $4.00
Gunner Station                       
Han Solo w/Falcon Gunner Station                   $4.00
E1 Deluxe Figures                 
Obi-Wan Kenobi                     $3.00
Qui-Gon Jinn                $3.00
E2 Deluxe Figures                 
Anakin Skywalker w/Force Flipping Action                  $3.00
Obi Wan Kenobi w/Force Flipping Action                    $3.00
Gungan Scout Sub w/Obi-Wan Kenobi                        $5.00
Figures from Vehicles                       
B-Wing Fighter w/ Sullustan Pilot                      $5.00
Playset/Misc Pack in             
Attack Qui-Gon                       $5.00
Bespin Freeze Chamber w/Bespin Security Guard                     $5.00
Game Pack-in             
Anakin Pilot-no game               $5.00
Purchase of the Droids Luke                 $3.00
Ultimate Bounty Boossk (no emblem on shoulder)                     $3.00
Yoda (from Saga Yoda and Chian)                   $3.00
Cruisemissle Trooper                $4.00
Boxed E1 Preview Sealed Mace Windu                        $5.00
Sail Barge Cannon                    $3.00
Trade Fed Fighter from E1 set of 3: Green-similar to E3 Deluxe                        $3.00
Snowtrooper firing cannon                    $2.00
AOTC Zam's Assassin Droid& Imperial Interrigation droid                   $1.00
Predator from origal Alien v. Predator 2 pack Kenner              $3.00
Carded Fett   
Fett&IG-88      SOTE: 2 pack 
Boba Fett         Orange Card    $5.00
Boba Fett         Green Card No Foil     $5.00
I am selling my 3/4 of my carded Yoda collection. All are in great shape and most have been in Star Cases since I got them. Prices do not include shipping.

If they have a "*" they come in a Star Case (or equivilant)

Carded Yoda's
1995 OC                     $5.00
1998 FB                      $5.00
1999 E1 Yoda no logo             $3.00
2002 Saga BC Jedi Master 02-23                    $5.00
2002 Saga BC Jedi High Council 02-53                       $5.00
2002 Saga BC Padawan Training 03-15                       $5.00
Saga 2003 Gold Stripe Padawan Training 03-15                       $5.00
2004 Saga HoF -No # w/Gold Stripe ( Battle of Geonosis)                     $5.00
2004 OTC-2 Dagobah Training                        $6.00
2004 VOTC                $11.00
2005 ROTS #3 Firing Cannon              $5.00
2005 ROTS #26 Spinning Attack                     $5.00
2005 Exclusive Hologram TRU             $11.00
2006 TSC #019 Geonosis                    $6.00
2006 E3 Heroes & Villains #3/12                     $6.00
E2 Deluxe Figures                   
Yoda w/Force Powers             $5.00


Modern Trading / Low Number ROTS GG Vader Bust for Trade
« on: May 15, 2006, 11:48 PM »
I have a #23 of 20,000 ROTS Vader GG bust. I'm hoping to trade for one of the following (in order of importance):
Standing Hoth Vader Variant (not UGH) with Vader Hologram.
Crispy EE Anakin Vader bust
Yoda Bust
The Original Vader bust (LOL)


Below is my detailed list of Carded figures I want (need) to get rid of. I went and made a thorough inventory and added notes on variations, etc. Most are in Star Cases.  My need list is at the bottom. My Need List is small, so I hope to trade first, sell second...what's left goes to Ebay next week.

Power of the Force 2
Darth Vader   Green Card Foil: Tri-logo
Boba Fett   Orange Card
Boba Fett   Green Card No Foil
Boba Fett   Freeze Frame

SOTE: 2 packs   
Vader & Xizor   

Deluxe Figures:   
Boba Fett with Firing Jetpack   

Electronic F/X figures   
Darth Vader F/X   

Gunner Station   
Darth Vader w/TIE Fighter Gunner Station   

Playset/Misc Pack in   
Game Pack-in Vader, Compactor Luke   

Darth Vader w/double cape   minor crease on back @ bubble

Darth Maul (Jedi Duel)   .00 Card
Darth Maul (Jedi Duel)   Tri-Logo
Yoda    No "Episode 1" on card
Darth Maul (Tatooine)   w "NEW!" sticker

E1 Holographic Assortment   
Darth Maul   

Trophy Assortment   
Darth Maul w/mini Sith Infiltrator   card damage from price tag removal

Game w Pack-in   
FAO Sith Speeder Maul
Euro Pack-ins   
Maul w Bonus battle Droid (Euro) like Power annex, w/o black paint apps   

E1 2 pack   
Obi-Wan-Final Duel   
Darth Maul (split apart)-Final Duel   
Power of the Jedi   
Darth Maul (Final Duel)   
Darth Maul: Concept   

POTJ 2 pack   
Darth Vader (Masters of the Dark side)   
Darth Maul (Masters of the Dark side)   

Milestone 300th   
300th Boba Fett   Error white panel box

E2 Preview: Saga   
Jango Fett   

#02/13 - Jango Fett - Kamino Escape   with background
#02/30 - Darth Vader Bespin Duel   Tri-Logo
#02/31 - Jango Fett - Final Battle   Flame up in package
#02/42 - Darth Maul - Sith Training   
#03/08 - Boba Fett - The Pit of Carkoon - blue   
#03/08 - Boba Fett - The Pit of Carkoon - gray   
#03/23 Maul: Hanger Duel   Clear Stand

E2 Deluxe Figures   
Yoda w/Force Powers   

Clone Wars   
#03/44 - Yoda - Army of the Republic with   Walmart Exclusive
Value Pack Clone Trooper Lieutenant Yellow   
Original Trilogy Collection   
OTC-#14 Boba Fett   
OTC #29 Darth Vader (HOTH) 4pack (new paint)   Minor Crease at Hook

3 ¾” Vintage Repro-Card Figures (VOTC)   
#11 Boba Fett
Anakin Skywalker on Mustafar   03-50

Silver Figures   
Silver Clonetrooper    
Star Tours: Loose   
Captain Rex   
G-3 5LT    

Disney: Indiana Jones - Carded   


Anakin Skywalker with Sith eyes
Bly with Darker Helmet Stripe

E3 Mid-size
*Obi-wan w/Boga

Wave 2 - Battle of Hoth

General Veers
AT-AT Driver
Power Droid (EG-4)

Mint on Card
*TSC #06/13 Hoth Darth Vader, with Vader Hologram,
Both variations: Standing and Walking poses

*High Priority

Modern Trading / skiff, loose, pack-in's variations for ROTS
« on: October 11, 2005, 06:48 AM »
Well, I have went through my loose figures, there are so many minor repaints and variations, some I had multiples of, and some I have no interest at all in. So in honor of Hasbro blessing us with repaints, and minor retools, I'm dumping my old ones!
Actually my main goal is to trade what I have, for what I want, my main goal is to complete most of my needs with little out of pocket expenses. So I am looking to TRADE now (what I don't trade I will offer for sale before ebay) and what isn't dumped on these lists will be on ebay. I also want to try and trade multiples. Not to be a pain or rude, but it just isn't worth the time in a lot of instances to trade one figure that ends up costing more to ship, with packing and postage, and it ends up more nuisance and expense than it is worth, especially since a lot of what I need is on the shelves. Plus I'm just really busy and taking time to mail out one figure usually isn't worth the time involved, for me anyway.   I know someone will want to trade me a Mon Mothma for my skiff....
These figures are loose unless noted, what I need is loose, complete with stands & all accessories, mine are the same unless noted (will verify before sending), and multipack figures DO NOT include stands.
I will have some carded figures and more stuff up soon, hopefully.
Things like Star tours, silver figs, pack-ins, some deluxe I will obviously want more for since they retailed higher.
I know a lot of these figures I can find readily. Some like Bail and Mon Mothma, don't even bother to include unless it's a big trade, I added just added them for completeness. a lot of them are in the KB 9 pack, because I was planning to pick it up before Hasbro put in a repacked, already repainted previously an exclusive silver anniversary is way over Vader... 
The starred items are my highest priorities.
POTF2 Yoda Green Card W & W/O hologram sticker
Foreign Wave 2 Pit droids: brown & White versions
Chewbacca   03-05   
Grievous' Bodyguard   (white or gray)03-08   
General Grievous   (4 arm)03-09   
Count Dooku   03-13   
Chancellor Palpatine   03-14   
Bail Organa   03-15   
Plo Koon   03-16   
   C-3PO   03-18   
Shaak Ti   03-21   
Kit Fisto   03-22   
Mon Mothma   03-24   
Obi-Wan Kenobi   03-27   
***Anakin Skywalker-sith eyes   03-28   Repaint
Ki-Adi Mundi   03-29   
Palpatine Red Saber   03-35   Change
***R4-P17    03-64   
***Tactical Ops Trooper (Vader's Legion!)     03-65   repaint
***Plo Koon (Jedi Hologram Transmission!)     03-66   Re-cast
***Aayla Secura Jedi Hologram Transmission!)     03-67   Re-cast
***E3 Deluxe&Vehicles      
Deluxe Anakin to Vader      (snap on armor, not table)
Obi-wan on Boga      
BARC on Speeder      
      DVD troopers (standing andkneeling)
      Separation of theTwins
***OTC Screen Scenes   $9.99 at manyTRU’s   
Jedi Council III Anakin Skywalker       
Jedi Council III Saesee Tiin      
Jedi Council III Adi Gallia       
Jedi Council IV Shaak Ti      
Jedi Council IV Agen Kolar      
Jedi Council IV Stass Allie      
Evolutions: White AOTC Clone      
Evolutions: Gray ROTS Clone Commander      
Evolutions: White Dirty Sandtrooper      
Boba Fett (nogun)
Hammerhead (nogun)
Klaatu (w/skirt, nopike)
Snowtrooper gun

Power of the Force 2
Bespin Han
Lando Calrissian asSkiff Guard
E1:European (nocommtech)
Naboo Royal Guard(bearded)
Darth Maul (SithLord)-soft goods
Obi-Wan Kenobi (JediKnight)soft goods
#02/22 - AnakinSkywalker - Hanger Duel-plastic pegChange
#02/29 - LukeSkywalker - Bespin Duel-magChange
#02/29 - LukeSkywalker - Bespin Duel-pegChange
#02/44 -Ki-Adi-Mundi - Jedi MasterRepaint
#02/52 - TuskenRaider w/MassiffRepaint/repack
#03/40 - ElanSleazebaggango - w/ EarsError
HOFR2-D2 - Tatooine Mission(POTJ naboo escape w/o scorch marks)Repaint
Original TrilogyCollection
OTC-22 Greedo (newpaint)Repaint
OTC-23 Tusken Raider(new paint)Repaint
OTC-24 Jawas(newpaint)Repaint
OTC-26 LukeSkywalker (SAGA Bespin) (new paint)Repaint
OTC-30 GamorreanGuard (GC new paint)Repaint
OTC-31 Bib Fortuna(GC new paint)Repaint
OTC-38 ImperialTrooper (ANew Hope)Pack inRepaint
Sneak Preview Wave
Super BattleDroidretool
Anakin Skywalker onMustafar-MoC
Deluxe Figures:
Luke Skywalker withDesert Sport Skiff
Han Solo withSmuggler Flight Pack
Crowd ControlStormtrooper
Electronic F/X figures
Obi-Wan (Ben) KenobiF/X
R2-D2 F/X
Gunner Station
Han Solo w/FalconGunner Station
Princess LeiaCollections
Princess Leia(cloth)
R2-D2 (same asOC)
Ceemonial Leia(cloth)
Ceremonial Luke(cloth)
Bespin PrincessLeia (cloth)
Bespin Han Solo(cloth)
Endor Leia (cloth)
Wicket the Ewok(unpainted hood)
E1 Deluxe Figures
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Qui-Gon Jinn
E2 Deluxe Figures
Anakin Skywalkerw/Force Flipping Action
Obi Wan Kenobiw/Force Flipping Action
E3 Deluxe
Deluxe VultureDroid-Greenretool
Deluxe Clone 3 pack-white kneeling
Deluxe Clone 3 packwhite down
Vehicle Figure Pack-ins:
Federation DroidFighters-one fighter-similar to E3 Deluxe w stand
Sebulba's Pod RacerSebulba - no ship
Gungan AssaultCannon w/Jar Jar Binks
Gungan Scout Subw/Obi-Wan Kenobi
Sullustan Pilot from B-wing: Repainted CSfigure
Sancrawler Jawa1 Repack
Sancrawler Jawa2 Repack
Playset/Misc Pack in
Attack Qui-Gon
Bespin FreezeChamber w/Bespin Security Guard
Game Pack-in
Anakin Pod Racer-nogame
Sith SpeederMaul-packaged game, figure loose
captain rex
G-3 5LT
Silver Figures
Silver Clonetrooper-carded x2 EU
Purchase of theDroids LukeRetool
Jedi Warriors PloKoonSaga minorrepaint
Jedi Warrioirs SaeSee TiinSaga minorrepaint
Carkoon SkirmishCannon
Carkoon SkirmishKlaatu
Carkoon SkirmishBarada
Carkoon SkirmishNikto
Ultimate Bounty Fett(no firing missle)
Ultimate BountyBoossk (no emblem on shoulder)
Ultimate BountyIG-88
bearded Naboo guard
Gungan (no shield)
Yoda (from Saga Yodaand Chian)
Stormtrooper w/pistol (from troop builder 4 pack)
Vehicles with Figures:
Loose with Box Skiffand Luke
Rip Cord BikerScout
Naboo Flashcannon
Boxed E1 Preview Sealed Mace Windu

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