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Obi-Wan POTF 2 transition tray rarity. Awesome condition. $75 OBO.

This is the Power of the Force 2 (1995) orange card/red card Obi Wan Kenobi, variant / error, with a micro saber in a short saber tray. Full body photo on card back. # 521791.01

Very clean example of this figure. I'm the original owner. Ships in the shown StarCase.

Cosmetic issues (all shown in photos):
- Crease on back of card behind top of the bubble seal.
- Very slight crease along corner, visible from back of card on bottom left.
- Pamida pricetag on front.
- Card curve visible from bottom view, not visible from top view.

As stated, this is a super clean example. Bubble is clean and sealed wonderfully. Front of the card is flawless, including the hook.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Ships free via USPS to CONUS

Location: Near Detroit, Michigan


The bubble on my Theater Edition Luke in Jedi Knight is starting to come off. Just on the left side, but pretty much all the way down the left side of the bubble. See the pic if you want a look:

I know this is a very common issue due to the glue used on these, but what do you guys suggest I should do to this thing now? I know they're not worth much anymore, and I'm not too shook up anyway because the card was already in real rough shape.
Any tips would be appreciated - thank you

Hi there. I'm selling my entire Star Wars collection. It is almost entirely made up of carded POTF2 figures. I also have a few loose vintage figures, including a snowspeeder. There are 95 pieces in total. I will sell them individually, or a few at a time, or all at once -- whichever makes the most sense at the time.

I am a lifelong Star Wars fan from Michigan. I had a SW collecting renaissance in the mid-90's. Since then, I have been hauling my collection around with me from place to place. It's time to move on.

I made a simple web page with thumbnails to photos of every figure. I have taken high resolution photos of each piece. Also I have listed details for each figure such as series #, collection #, type of bubble, type of peg hook, and information on variants. Interestingly enough, quite a few pieces from my collection are variants that did not exist on the POTF2 master lists. They are highlighted in bold text on the web page.

**********The URL for the page is

There are no ads or anything malicious on my site. It is simply much easier and intuitive to direct potential buyers to a well-designed table of all my figures with photos, rather than a clumsy text-only list pasted onto a forum.

My email address is listed on the website - please direct inquiries to me that way.

I have graded each carded or boxed piece using the Brian's Toys grading scale, with C9 being mint. The scale can be found here:
I consider my grading to be accurate and highly objective. Please consult the high resolution photos to decide for yourself.

I don't normally deal in collectibles, but I do have a bunch of positive feedbacks as a seller on eBay, for what that's worth. If you contact me I can provide further details.

Thank you for looking!

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