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major speculation here....

From the easter eggs article:

go to the 2nd to last pic/caption on the right side of the page....the one about aurra sing  and palpy's mural.   read the the pic.
then come back and read the rest of this post.  

First...before we can speculate anything we must decide IF the creature in that mural is a dewback or not.  I think so, a stylized version of a dewback, but dewback nonetheless.  

Second...if it's not a dewback...we shut up and go home. forget it.  
IF it is a dewback...then next we say...well, knowing what we know about SW universe, then the scene being depicted by the mural is very likely to be set on Tatooine.  (especially with the tan/sand/desert color of the mural)

Now this is where it gets interesting.  In relation to all of the "Anakin, who's your daddy?" talk that's been going on lately,  whether it was Palpy, Plaggy, or the Force itself.....this could be a hint as to why the chosen one ended up on tatooine.  

(You could also speculate that that's why Luke was hidden from  the darkside Yoda and Dagobah's cave....add other EU quotes here, etc. ....this might be stretching it too far. )

What do you think?


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