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Hmmm... maybe you could make a Hermi Odle out of that body? I can't imagine that head being very hard to sculpt. Just a lump of clay basically.

I don't like Greenday either, but was it really necessary to give out his personal information on a public message board?

Thanks, guys. I'll leave him Boba Fett.

Yeah, I'm hoping to maybe dremel a some of the muscle mass away and paint it black to look he's in the black suit thing.

I just finished another unmasked figure! This one is Slave 1 pilot Boba Fett. I'm not sure if I should paint him to look like Jango, or leave him as is... what do you guys think?

Well, I found the (IMO) perfect arms in my fodder drawer, a lot easier and quicker than I expected. The arms are 100% interchangable with the metallic arms, and they still maintain the same articulation. I plan on painting them a lighter tone to match the face later. LMK what you think!

Thanks, guys! I have a few arms in my fodder drawer that I think will work for this. I'll keep you updated if I finish an arm.

Thanks, Phruby! Yes, he is the removable limbs C3PO, and I used that figure for that very reason. I don't have one yet, but I plan on customizing some sort of interchangable naked/costume arm.

BTW, Your 3PO was part of the inspiration for mine.

Here's my first custom of 2006. It's a break from my cantina patrons...

Vintage C3PO Unmasked

I used a heavily modified GI Joe head and C3PO body. LMK what you think!

Thanks, Greg! I'm going to fix the Djas probably after Christmas break.

Customs Community and Group Projects / Re: He's back.....
« on: December 24, 2005, 01:32 PM »
Yeah, I'm 14 aswell, but I usually don't like to reveal my age, less people associate me with Greenday.

I repainted the Luke body on my Djas Puhr to look more film accurate.

I'm not sure about the clear-coat... is it too shiny?



Yes, the head was once from a Jedi Luke, and I plan on painting the tan areas green or blue later on.

Thanks, CHEWIE!

I agree with you about the bulkiness of it. This figure looked better in theory than it did when I actually made it. ::) I guess there's always time later on for improvements, though.

Actually I'm not sure what I want to do with mine. When I did Snoova,( which I have to actually post someday) I kind of "Updated" him so to speak, and went the whole "Real" snoova as opposed to the chewie in didguise. I'm not sure if It would fly if I did the same thing to the Tonnikas. What do you say Phruby. Can I do that?

Just out of curiousity what do you mean by the "real" Tonnikas. I don't know too much about them, are they supposed to be someone else?

Yes, apparently the sisters in the cantina were supposed to be other girls impersonating the real Tonnikas.

Wow, I really love that vintage Dooku! The vinyl cape doesn't look quite right, but I think it's good either way.

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